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The EB1s is Multilink’s premier uninterruptible power supply solution for all CATV MSOs. The market’s most intuitive user interface and maintenance free operation drives operation and reliability high and costs low. Hundreds of various models of the EB1s are deployed across the world, proving its resilience in every type of environment, input voltage, and battery configuration. From efficient inverter design for extended runtime, to reduced maintenance costs, the EB1s is Multilink’s most reliable power product to date. Consider the following internal report for customer testimonials and product reliability comparisons.




Multiple agency approvals which include UL®, CSA® & IEC standards

MFG Rating

The EB1s is built following ISO9001 manufacturer's ratings.

Successful Deployments

The EB1s has been successfully deployed worldwide in some of the most extreme telecommunication environments.




Built for Plug-N-Play compatibility amongst existing cabinets in the market.


Peripheral equipment including cabinet lights, tamper switches & more can be included and installed and utilized where the EB1s is deployed.

DOCSIS Compatible

The EB1s DOCSIS 2.0/3.0 embedded transponders are compatible with popular network management software packages.


This chart represents the rate at which hardware failures occur and a warranty claim is submitted by the consumer. The rate at which those failures occur over time is the spotlight of this report. The lower the percentage of failure over time shows higher reliability of the product. Moreover, a higher percentage represents lower reliability.





What We Offer

Multilink stands behind every EB1s sold with introductory installation assistance, field support & product maintenance over the working life of our product.






Compared to Multilink's MP™ power supply, the EB1s has a cost reduction of 28%. This cost reduction comes with significant reliability and technology updates.


We have reduced maintenance cost all while increasing reliability.




5 Year Warranty

The EB1s comes with a limited 5 year warranty. Service and field support are also offered for the life of the unit.

Multilink has performed an internal study to show the reliability of power products, most notability the EB1s series, which is currently offered for sale to all MSO’s for their CATV powering needs. This Reliability Report has been written to show comparison to a previously successful Multilink power product, the MP True UPS.


The graph above represents percent of failure over a respective 3-year period for each power supply series. The data points were created by pitting the total number of units sold versus the number of hardware failure warranty claims requested for the product. For the MP True UPS1, a sample size of 250 units ranging for 2005-2007 was selected. In this sample, a failure rate of 8.6% occurred. For the EB1s2, Multilink’s flagship CATV UPS, a sample size of 268 units were selected, from 2015-2018. This sample size showed a hardware failure rate of just 6.7%.


With an increase in reliability, the EB1s has been designed to be a cost effective and reliable solution over its predecessors. Updates to Multilink’s internal processes for qualifying vendors and parts, such as oil capacitors and active switching components have also resulted in price savings and reliability in all current and future products. Cost reductions of up to 28% are achieved in the EB1s series versus the MP True UPS, all while increasing reliability by 1.9%.


The graph also includes the results of a study on the rate of failure on a much more commonly used electrical device, new laptop computers. The study performed by consumer insurance company, SquareTrade3, amassed a sample size of 30,000 warranty claims and deduced that up to 20.4% of all new laptops will experience a hardware failure within a 3-year period.


UPS’ depicted in this report are required to operate in highly adverse environments and are subject to erratic temperature, humidity, and voltage conditions. Inversely, the common laptop computer is more often found in temperature controlled environments. Both UPS models show lower percents of failure given their respective operating environments, with the EB1s achieving greater reliability when compared to new laptop computers.


The EB1s series of UPS’ has been built and tested to comply with 6 industry standard requirements to allow for safe operation and use. These standards include sections from UL®, CSA®, and IEC and are conducted by third party test agencies. Full agency test reports are available to verify compliance with required standards, if requested.


1 All MP/MP Plus models considered in sample size from 2005-2007.2 Sample size for EB1s series includes all total sales for the current production life of the product. An equivalent sample size for MP/MP Plus series was therefore chosen for comparison. 3 SquareTrade, Laptop Reliability-1109, 2009.

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