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Good Knights Charity Event

About Good Knights

Good Knights is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving low-income families in Lorain County and they work to build beds for children who do not have one. They work through a two-step process. ‘Build days’ are made possible through Good Knights sponsors/donors who provide the raw materials for the bed components to be built. ‘Delivery days’ engage the community to further rally volunteers to assist in the assembly and delivery of the beds to families on a separate day. If sufficient funding is secured, recipients may also receive a pillow, sheet set and blankets when their bed is delivered.

Good Knights and Multilink

The Good Knights of Lorain County have a mission to provide complete, comfortable, and safe beds to children in need in Lorain County, Ohio. They recently teamed up with Multilink to host a bed building event at our facility. The Good Knights were recently able to deliver 96 beds to residents of Wilkes Villa in Elyria after their first event at Multilink. Employees volunteered their time on Saturday, October 17th to help build as many beds as possible! The goal is to do everything possible to ensure that every child in Lorain County has a safe and comfortable bed to sleep in. This goal did not change at the second bed building event that we hosted! Volunteers were quickly trained and educated on the bed building process and then put into different groups with specific jobs. We provided all the tools needed to cut the wood to size for the bed frames, but the volunteers did the rest and were able to build 115 beds! This was a big step towards their annual goal of 1200-1500 beds! The next step would be to deliver these beds to those in need around Lorain County! With Lorain County being one of the poorest counties in Ohio, these beds can make all the difference for some families. 27.2% of Lorain residents had an income below the poverty level in 2017, which was 48.7% greater than the poverty level of 14.0% across the entire state of Ohio. The poverty rate in Elyria is 22.1%. One out of every 4.5 residents of Elyria lives in poverty. The poverty rate in Oberlin is 23.5% and one out of every 4.3 residents of Oberlin lives in poverty.

In Need of a Bed?

If you are currently receiving assistance from any of a number of social service agencies, consult with your social worker who can assist you and help you navigate the needs of your situation. In some cases, your social workers may refer you to the Good Knights of Lorain County. Individuals may also apply directly with Good Knights to receive beds through their website. Requests may be filed by parents, guardians, social workers, teachers, and other individuals concerned about the well-being of children who are in need of a new bed. A member of the Good Knights team will contact you to collect any additional information needed, as well as discuss the timeline to fulfill your request. Please be aware that at times there is a waiting list to receive a bed(s).

Good Knights is an All-Volunteer Organization! 

Give yourself the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of serving others in need while making an incredible impact in your community and Lorain County.  Three primary volunteer opportunities available include:

  • Saturday morning volunteers for builds or deliveries
  • Weekday volunteers
  • Additional support opportunities


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