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Infrastructure Solutions

Central Office / Head End

The Central Office / Head End (CO/HE) is the backbone of any network. Well-crafted products can make a significant difference in the reliability and ease of use within your 5G network. This is why we have spent many years researching and engineering our products to live up to the rigorous standards required within the ...


Cabinets can be an extension of your head-end, central office, or even a miniature hub site. Multilink’s line of cabinets is engineered to withstand many different environments and levels of abuse. They are fabricated and powder coated at our facility located in Ohio and are designed for a variety of applications ...

Power Solutions

Companies in the telecommunications and ITS/Traffic industries rely on high-performance power solutions to provide network connectivity during both normal operations and emergencies. As a result, you need reliable power supply products that can easily be implemented within your networks and improve your service ...

Multi-Media Enclosures

Multilink's Demarcation Enclosures are built to meet your specific needs. Enclosures are available in plastic, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum and are tested for indoor and outdoor use.

Closures / Terminals

Multilink offers a number of different fiber optic closure systems in a variety of sizes, deployment types, and applications. Our closures have all been designed with ease of access in mind to reduce installation and service times. Pair our closures with our field-installable connectors to create one of the most ...

Fiber Management

Efficient cable management requires appropriate slack storage and organization. Multilink addresses each of these areas with our Sno-Shoes®. Be prepared and protect your fiber optic cable and while encouraging safe, proper installation.

New Products

At Multilink, we are always looking to advance industry equipment. Whether improving on an existing product or engineering a new design, our products move because they benefit your business. We strive to make each part stronger, safer, faster, and more reliable. Visit our New Products page to stay up to date with what ...

Multilink is a leader in building, designing, and manufacturing products and services that support and build the infrastructure of the telecommunication and transportation industries. This list of products has been established to assist you in finding the right product for your project. For more information visit our contact page.