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Power Solutions

Power Solutions

Broadband Power Equipment

Save on cost, time, and construction by utilizing the EB1s which are designed to work within the existing infrastructure of your network. The EB1s is plug-and-play compatible with industry-standard power supply enclosures and peripherals. Peripheral devices can also be mated with simple adapter harnesses to maintain ...

ITS/Traffic Power Equipment

Multilink’s offers line-interactive, double conversion and power monitoring for the transportation industry. When emergencies hit communities, ITS/Traffic power systems need to continue to function as normal. For this reason, backup uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems are necessary. The UPS delivers ...

In the telecommunications and ITS/Traffic industries rely on high-performance power solutions to provide network connectivity during both normal operations and emergencies. As a result, you need reliable power supply products that can easily be implemented within your networks and improve your service offerings. We create products that push the telecommunication and transportation industries forward. Designed using the latest technologies to have the most innovative features, our power supplies and other devices can meet a diverse array of needs. For more information visit our contact page.