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Choose between a traditional stove top roof or Multilink's LifeSaverâ„¢ roof to prevent water and other contaminants from entering the enclosure.


The 336S Traffic Control Cabinet has been evaluated to meet Georgia Department of Transportation specifications and placed on GDOT's Approved Product List (APL). Choose between a traditional stove top roof or Multilink's LifeSaverâ„¢ roof to prevent water and other contaminants from entering the enclosure.


The tallest of the 336 lineup, the 336S offers additional rack space to house all vital electronic intersection equipment. The 336S is a traffic control cabinet that meets NEMA 3R and standard DOT cabinet specifications. The S version has a smaller profile than the base 336 Cabinet and is available in either a ...

336 Mini Cabinet

The 336 Mini cabinet is the most compact of the 336 lineup, better suited for smaller areas. This traffic control cabinet meets NEMA 3R and standard DOT cabinet specifications, capable of housing all vital intersection electronic equipment to manage traffic flow and assure safety for all roadway users. Available in ...

Flasher-Style Enclosures

The Flash Detector is a single door enclosure that is designed to work with DOT equipment like traffic controls, terminals and power supplies. It is an essential cabinet that provides protection from numerous weather elements.

UPS Enclosures

This single door enclosure is designed to house integral ITS/Traffic equipment like traffic controls, terminals and uninterruptible power supplies. It is an essential cabinet that provides protection from numerous weather elements and tampering and is NEMA 3 certified.

DOT Cabinet Accessories

Multilink's selection of DOT cabinet acessories help improve the storage and safety capabilities of our traffic enclosures. Choose from convenient smart key card systems, power distribution outlets and single or dual fan kits to customize your cabinet.

ITS/Traffic Cabinets

As intelligent transportation systems (ITS) become more common, departments of transportation increasingly rely on cooperating pieces of equipment to keep intersections running safely and efficiently. To store this equipment, departments need traffic control cabinets.

A traffic control cabinet stores everything from an intersection's traffic controller to monitoring systems and uninterruptible power supplies. These cabinets protect vital equipment from tampering and weather damage while providing an easy manual access point in case of emergency maintenance. Because DOT cabinets play an essential role in protecting an area's traffic control systems, it's important to pick high-quality cabinets with the features you need to effectively serve your community.

At Multilink, we offer a number of cabinets and accessories to serve transportation departments in locations across the United States. Learn what makes our standard and custom cabinets top choices for ITS/Traffic applications below.

High-Quality Cabinets Built to Perform

To reliably store Department of Transportation equipment, Multilink offers a variety of aluminum and stainless steel traffic control cabinets. These sturdy cabinets and flasher-style enclosures offer protection from severe weather conditions and keep internal systems cool enough to function on hot days with HVAC equipment. We offer our ITS cabinets in multiple sizes and styles so that our customers can find versions that meet their unique needs.

To ensure our cabinets and enclosures perform to your expectations, we test all our products in a laboratory to meet or exceed NEMA 3R specification and general DOT cabinet standards before placing them on the market. 

Custom Solutions to ITS Cabinet Challenges

Many departments of transportation face unique problems when it comes to storing transportation materials. To help address these challenges, we offer a number of ITS cabinet accessories and options you can use to customize your cabinets and meet your requirements.

When you purchase cabinets from Multilink, you'll have the opportunity to equip them with useful accessories. We offer state-specific locks, ITS light and fan kits, cabinet power accessories, additional rack rail shelves and more. These options provide simple solutions to ITS storage problems.

If you don't find the accessory you need in our collection, we also offer custom design services. Our experienced team of engineers will work with you to modify or create a custom cabinet or accessory that meets your project specifications. Our customization capabilities allow us to serve departments of transportation in multiple state locations and with highly specific needs. To ensure you're satisfied with your custom design, we'll use CAD/CAM technology to create a three-dimensional model and send it to you for review before manufacturing.

Get ITS Traffic Cabinets From Multilink

With more than 35 years of experience, Multilink provides customers with high-quality ITS cabinets and other ITS equipment. When you shop with us, you can find cabinets, enclosures and accessories to build or upgrade safe and effective traffic control infrastructure.

To learn more about the products and services we offer to departments of transportation, reach out to us today.