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Power Solutions for EV/TaaS

Power Solutions for EV/TaaS

Electric vehicles (EVs) are debuting as sustainable delivery and transit solutions countrywide, with some companies providing streamlined options like Transportation as a Service (TaaS). Managing and tracking these fleets requires specialized equipment to handle the unique operating environment.

Multilink has the tools to control, monitor and oversee power management for your EV/TaaS fleet. We carry a comprehensive selection of solutions to simplify the tasks and support your investments' best possible performance.

Our Product Features and Benefits

Our team is a leading equipment designer and manufacturer that helps resolve power management issues for businesses across many industries.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Multilink offers three double-conversion uninterruptible power supply (UPS) models — the 1400-watt-capacity EDP 2000, the EDP 1500 with 1100 watts and the EDP 1000 with 700 watts of output capability. All feature standard ethernet connectivity, high network compatibility with numerous protocols and scalability to meet changing demands. Each seamlessly integrates with generators with built-in safety automatic transfer switches for a dependable AC supply during power outages, providing your peace of mind.

EP series products deliver reliable performance for line-interactive UPS units. The EP 2200-T provides 1500 watts of output capacity while the EP 1100 offers 1100 watts of output, the EP 650 offers 650 watts and the EP 350 features a 350-watt capability. All styles boast on-board automatic voltage regulation intelligence. That aspect helps safeguard sensitive electronic equipment from power spikes and allows for ongoing operation during brownouts. Ethernet cards for optional remote monitoring are available on either model.

Smart Tracker

Our Smart Tracker is a full-featured remote power manager ideal for use in many industries. It's ethernet-compatible to capture numerous operating parameters on a unified dashboard, so your team can monitor performance at a glance. This solution boasts remote access management, high configurability, in-depth event reporting and GPS tracking for quick cabinet location identification.

About Multilink

Multilink began in 1983 with a mission to transform and improve communication. Since those beginnings, we've partnered with companies worldwide to provide telecommunications and optical networking solutions customizable for universal use. Our in-house engineering team is highly talented and can reconfigure equipment to your needs when you require something beyond the norm.

Our team also offers a unique consultative approach to help you save time and money. As a one-stop equipment designer and manufacturer, we can bundle our solutions for cost-effectiveness.

We have skilled product specialists to advise on your infrastructure construction and installation.

Trust Multilink for Your Power Management Solutions

Our team boasts a history of innovation and a dedication to ongoing learning and solution design. We're also committed to quality, as evidenced by our ISO 9001-certified manufacturing facility.

For more information call 440.366.6966 for assistance.