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Fiber Connectivity

Field Installables

Multilink's Surelight field installable connectors are available in Singlemode/Multimode, APC/UPC and 900µm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm sizes and are reusable up to 5 times. Field Installable Connectors are quickly becoming everyday essentials to reduce installation and maintenance times in edge network deployment. Boasting a ...

Fiber Optic Adapters

Installing networks in the field may require connecting cables of the same or different types. Fiber adapters connect two ends of a fiber optic cable, with each end of the adapter holding one of the cable's ends. The standard and specialized fiber optic adapters at Multilink will meet your connectivity ...


Multilink's Surelight male-female attenuators are available in SC, LC and FC varieties and either APC or UPC connector polish to meet the needs of your network. All are Singlemode (OS1) and built to Telcordia GR-910 Issue 2 standards, so quality is ensured. The Multilink Surelight family of connectivity solutions ...

Fan-out Kits

Multilink's Fiber Fan-Out Kits are available in various fiber capacities, lengths and feature Singlemode and Multimode cable compatibility, so they can be easily integrated into networks of all shapes and sizes. You'll find our full selection of 3mm Multiflex Buffer Tubing in 12 different color variations. Fiber ...

Fiber Connectivity

Thanks to fiber optics, data networks across the world have greatly increased in performance and speed, thus improving the way we communicate. Telecommunications companies need fiber connectivity solutions to be able to meet growing demands by bringing the benefits of optical fiber to subscribers using Fiber to the X (FTTX) applications.

At Multilink, we create fiber connectivity products that push the telecommunications industry forward and help our customers succeed both at work and in their everyday lives. Learn more about the fiber connectors and other products we offer below.

The Multilink Surelight family of connectivity solutions streamlines end-to-end connections. Surelight makes it simpler, faster and more reliable to install and maintain networks in the field. The Surelight lineup includes Field Installable Connectors, IP Connectors, Mechanical Splice and Splice Sleeves, Tool Kits, Fan out Kits, Fan outs, Furcation Tubing, Adapters, Cleaning Kits, Microscopes and Alcohol Wipes.

A Full Range of Fiber Connectivity Solutions

If you're looking for a convenient source for all your fiber optic connectivity needs, Multilink can help. We have everything you require to build strong connections in your networks. In our online selection, you can find a full range of high-quality fiber connection products, including the following essential items:

  • Fiber optic fanout kits: Multilink's fiber fanout kits provide a simple and safe way to terminate cables with high fiber counts. We offer fanout kits in multiple lengths and buffer tubing in 12 different colors to assist with fiber network connection.
  • Field-installable fiber optic connectors: Multilink's reliable Surelight field installable connectors are available in Singlemode/Multimode, APC/UPC and 900µm, 2.0mm or 3.0mm sizes. With a low insertion loss rating and two-minute installation time, our field installables make edge network deployments easier and more efficient.
  • Fiber optic adapters: The adapters in our selection allow you to form strong connections between fiber optic cables. We offer simplex and duplex fiber optic cable adapters for Singlemode and Multimode signals.
  • Fiber optic attenuators: For fiber optic connecting projects that require attenuators, we offer a variety of options, including SC and LC fiber connectors. Our attenuators accommodate Singlemode fibers and meet Telcordia GR-910 Issue 2 specifications.


These products come together with other tools, such as mechanical splices, to facilitate easy and effective fiber termination in the field.

Bundling and Customization to Meet Your Needs

When building your fiber network, you need products that fit your company's infrastructure seamlessly. At Multilink, we offer bundling and customization services to better serve customers like you.

Establishing a fiber optic network requiress many different connectivity tools, and we make it possible for you to bundle these products together. Our bundling services prove to be especially convenient for companies buying products that go together naturally, like fanout kits and buffer tubing.

In addition to bundling, we also offer custom design services to meet specific network requirements. If you have a unique design idea or requirement for a jumper or pigtail but don't see it in our lineup, we can assist in the creation of that. Our team of in-house engineers will modify or custom-make certain fiber terminations to your specifications, allowing us to help customers that other suppliers fail to accommodate.

Let Multilink Help Find Your Fiber Connectivity Solution

Multilink has secured our place as a telecommunications industry leader with more than 35 years of experience creating high-quality fiber connectivity solutions for communications companies under our belt. To discover how our connectivity products could benefit your networking efforts, contact us for a free quote.