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Patch & Splice Modules


Need efficient fiber deployment in a hurry? Our CT-X Cassette is an industry-leading plug and play device that is easily field installed with scalable applications. It allows for accesible fiber networking without the hassle of assembly times or worrying about shipping safety. The CT-X lineup includes a Patch Only ...

Fiber Termination Modules

Need quick fiber deployment in a hurry? Our Fiber Deployment Moduleā„¢ allows fast shipping any CT-X or FTM configuration that matches your needs. It allows fiber networking without the hassle of assembly times or worrying about shipping safety.

Splice Trays

The Multilink Optical Fiber Splice Tray is designed to safely route and store optical fiber and associated splices. The tray is fully compliant to industry specification Telecordia GR- 769, Splice Organizer Assemblies for Optical Fibers. The splice tray is designed to be installed into a variety of Multilink products ...

Patch and Splice Modules

When deploying fiber optics in the field, telecommunications companies need ways to safely and efficiently store and terminate cables. As many technicians know, having the right fiber optic patch and splice modules can make these tasks easier and can render the process more cost-effective for companies.

All of Multilink’s Patch / Splice Modules are manufactured in-house and built to Telcordia and our Six Sigma standards. Our Fiber Deployment Module (FDM) kit is flexible for upgrading or adding to existing wall and rack mount configurations. Our CT-X Cassettes can be used in our competitors' wall and rack mounts and can be custom-loaded to your specifications.

Our product selection features two types of fiber termination kits and a large variety of fiber splice trays to choose from. Learn more about how these products serve the telecom industry below.

Convenient Fiber Optic Termination Kits

To make fiber deployment faster and easier for everyone involved, we offer two types of convenient fiber deployment kits. The first kit, the CT-X Cassette, holds 12 adapters that supports easy fiber optic splicing, patching and splitting with plenty of space granting plug-and-play opportunities. The second kit, our Fiber Termination Module, shares the capabilities of the CT-X but features a different configuration and powder-coated steel case, as opposed to the CT-X's clear polycarbonate case.

What makes these fiber optic cable modules exceptional is their plug-and-play capabilities. Multilink will ship these modules to you quickly, fully assembled and safely packed in foam, so they arrive ready for immediate deployment to speed up your installation process.

Flexible Fiber Splice Trays

We also offer a variety of fiber splice trays to support fiber optic splicing. These trays are designed to safely store and protect your fiber optic cables when integrating them into splice panels and enclosures.

With many tray configurations to choose from, you can find a design to use and arrange with other Multilink products as needed. We can also bundle our fiber splice modules with other compatible products.

Like all Multilink products, our splice trays meet the highest quality standards. Specifically, these trays comply with the relevant Telecordia GR-769 industry specification, Splice Organizer Assemblies for Optical Fibers, so you can feel confident in their safety and efficacy.

Get Patch and Splice Modules From Multilink

Deploying fiber optics in the field requires tools for safely storing and organizing patched and spliced cables. Investing in the right patch and splice modules can streamline the fiber deployment process and improve results. At Multilink, you'll find fiber optic patch and splice modules and kits that do just that. Our splice trays are specifically designed with convenience and quality in mind.

We aim to provide products that fit the needs of every customer, but we also understand that many telecom companies have unique requirements and challenges when it comes to fiber optic patching and splicing. If you have a module design in mind and don't see a comparable product in our selection, our team of in-house engineers can modify or custom-make a product to your specifications.

With more than 35 years of experience, Multilink knows how to make Patch/Splice modules that meet your needs and promote efficient, cost-effective network deployment. To learn how our modules can fit within your network, contact us for a free quote today.