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PLC Splitters

Multilinks custom terminated PLC splitter.

Cassette Splitters

Multilinks custom terminated Cassette splitter.

LGX Splitters

Multilinks custom terminated LGX splitter.

Rack Mount Splitters

Multilinks custom terminated rack mount splitter.


As telecommunications companies bring fiber optic cable ever closer to individual subscribers, they rely on a range of tools to increase network efficiency. Fiber optic splitters make up an essential part of any service provider's toolkit by allowing technicians to split a single optical signal between multiple fibers, an important step when creating a cost-effective network infrastructure.

To remain competitive, your company needs optical cable splitters designed to fit perfectly within your networks. At Multilink, we create standard and custom splitters that help our customers succeed and push the industry forward. Learn more about the different types of passive fiber optic splitters we offer below.

Multilink’s splitters are terminated to meet the industry’s leading standards and built to be highly reliable. Every splitter is built to be Telcordia compliant and features a low insertion loss in a compact design as well as screw-down adapters that help to maintain a proper connection.

All splitters can come pre-terminated, making for easy plug-and-play installations. They’re ideal for many applications including FTTX Deployments, Passive Optical Networks (PONs), CATV Links and Optical Signal Distribution.

A Range of Industry-Leading Cable Splitters

Different networking applications require different types of fiber optic splitters. Multilink offers four types of splitters to choose from:

  • PLC splitters: Our PLC splitters are compact and feature 55 dB directivity. With accurate connection and low signal loss, these splitters work well with larger split configurations. Choose an input length, output length, split ratio and fiber type that suits your needs.
  • Cassette splitters: Our fiber optic splitter cassettes come with the split ratio, connector type and fiber type of your choosing. Their shape makes them ideal for storage in a fiber optic splitter cabinet that houses a large capacity of splits.
  • LGX splitters: Our LGX fiber splitters allow you to choose connector type and number of splits. The custom terminated panel comes with input and output connectors clearly labeled for easy service management.
  • Rack mount splitters: For compact and scalable splitting, our rack mount splitters make an ideal choice. Choose input and output connectors and the number of splits. These models are perfect for splitting a signal to many destinations within your network racks.


Each of these fiber optic splitters comes custom terminated and configured, so you can choose the specific features you need.

Whichever splitter type you choose, you can trust its ability to function at a high level. We lab test our products and use a strict quality system based on ISO 9000 standards to ensure they work properly. Our digital optical splitters meet Telcordia GR-1221, Telcordia GR-1209 and G.657A1 industry specifications. 

Custom Design Options Available

Multilink's fiber optic cable splitters come in a number of different configurations, but we also understand that many telecom companies have unique requirements for their network components. If you have a product in mind and don't see a comparable splitter in our collection, our engineers can create a custom design to align with your vision.

When you use our custom design services, our engineers work with you to modify or custom-make a product that meets your needs. By offering custom fiber optic splitters, we're able to serve customers with highly specific needs that other suppliers fail to accommodate.

Get Fiber Optic Splitters From Multilink

With more than 35 years of experience, Multilink can provide high-quality fiber optic splitters that meet your needs and promote efficient, cost-effective network expansion. To see how our optical splitters could benefit your business, contact us for a free quote today.