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Traffic Power Equipment

Traffic Power Solutions

Remote Power Manager

Sites often have too many devices to plug directly into the power supply. A power distribution unit (PDU) is an industrial-grade power strip that converts one power input into several. At Multilink, we have many remote power manager units available for your power management needs.

Batteries for ITS/Traffic

Traffic management systems demand a robust battery that will perform well, even in harsh environments. Our AGM batteries have been relied on in backup traffic applications nationwide for more than two decades.  In addition, our PantheonCell LiFePO4 Batteries have over 4 times the life cycle of ...

Line-Interactive Power Supply

The EP Line-Interactive uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is an aluminum and stainless steel uninterruptible power supply that provides a steady, regulated AC output power to operate traffic signals, camera equipment, lighting and other ITS/Traffic technology. It features automatic voltage regulation and optional ...

Double-Conversion Power Supply

Multilink's EDP Double-Conversion is an uninterruptible power supply designed to provide high quality, stable AC power to critical equipment that requires continuous, regulated power. With a pure sine wave output, the EDP provides less electrical interference to sensitive loads with zero loss in output power. With 4 ...

ITS/Traffic Accessories

Our ITS Power Accessories range from our Standard Transfer Switch to our Smart Tracker remote power manager. We also offer standard accessories like AGM batteries, terminal covers, harnesses and balancers, as well as temperature probes and battery heater mats.

Traffic Power Solutions

Traffic signals, illuminated street signs and other electronically controlled devices are essential to a safe and efficient transportation system. When these systems fail due to power outages or other problems, cities can end up with traffic congestion at best and dangerous roadways at worst.

As Departments of Transportation place more emphasis on intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and autonomous vehicles and other new technology make roadways increasingly interconnected, old traffic power infrastructure can no longer meet public expectations. To make these systems safe and functional, traffic signal power supplies and communication infrastructure need to operate more quickly and reliably than ever before. Now is the time to assess your infrastructure and replace under-performing systems with the newest DOT traffic power solutions.

Multilink's lineup of power distribution units, traffic control cabinets and related accessories has everything you need to build the next generation of transportation infrastructure, from Ethernet-connected uninterruptible power supplies to automatic transfer switches.

Read on to learn more about the ITS/Traffic products we offer for traffic agencies, consultants and infrastructure contractors.

DOT Traffic Power Solutions From Multilink

At Multilink, you'll find a variety of systems that will help you build reliable, up-to-date traffic power infrastructure. We offer tools for remote power distribution, DOT status monitoring and more.

All of our systems are designed to offer consistent power output, safe performance and cutting-edge connectivity. In our collection, you can find:

  • DOT line-interactive power supplies: These aluminum and stainless-steel supply cabinets provide a steady, regulated AC output power to operate traffic signals, camera equipment, lighting and other ITS/Traffic technology. They feature automatic voltage regulation and optional Ethernet connectivity for remote monitoring. Each model has a different output capacity.
  • Double-conversion power supplies: These uninterruptable power supplies provide critical equipment with continuous power. A pure sine wave output minimizes electrical interference and an on-board web page allows for easy status monitoring and configuration. Choose between three models for scalable needs.
  • DOT traffic power accessories: For a variety of other ITS/Traffic power jobs, our collection of accessories includes automatic transfer switches, camera control interfaces, batteries, battery heater mats, PDU power strips, embedded Ethernet communication cards and more. With these options, you can build your infrastructure system with the exact features you need.


Discover the Multilink Advantage

Traffic power systems do more than ensure motorist safety during power outages — in areas with intelligent transportation systems, they also drive innovation. When building or updating transportation infrastructure, you need power distribution units and control systems capable of high performance in challenging situations.

At Multilink, we make traffic power products you can count on, whether you're installing an all new infrastructure bundle or integrating one of our universal products into an existing system.

Our team of expert engineers work hard to provide the best quality traffic power solutions. They follow our products from custom design to manufacturing to lab testing to ensure they meet or exceed your high expectations.

To discover how Multilink can save you time and money on your next traffic power project, browse our wide product selection and contact us for more information today.