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Our CT-X Cassette is an industry leading plug and play device, which is why we utilize it in many of our product lines. The CT-X Cassette is easily field installed and many applications are scalable utilizing plug n' play technology. Quick installations save time, resources and ultimately money. Check out Multilink's lineup of products utilizing CT-X Cassettes.


Patch / Splice / Splitter

The CT-X is designed to house 12 adapters along the front of the cassette, allowing patch capabilities. On the inside of the cassette, there is an integrated splice chip holder the is capable of housing 12 fusion splices. Splitters are also easily integrated into the cassette, utilizing plenty of room and a slack storage wheel.

Pigtail / MTP / MPO

The back of the cassette has provisions for pigtails, MTP and MPO fittings. These features allow the  CT-X to be shipped completely loaded, allowing for easy plug-n-play integration in the field.

Signature Series Rack Mounts

1 - 6.5 RU

The Signature Series rack mounts are available in 1, 2, 4, & 6.5 RU's. Each RU is capable of housing (2) CT-X cassettes.


Completely customized for every applications needs. The CT-X comes in many differnt custom configurations, allowing the Signature Series rack to extremely versatile.


Easily upgrade in the field with the CT-X Cassettes. Order only the amount you need up front and upgrade on the fly. Each cassette is easily integrated into the Signature Series rack mounts with plug-n-play technologies.

Signature Series Wall Mounts

2x - 12x

The Signature Series wall mounts are available in 2x, 4x, 8x, 12x. Each X unit is capable of housing a single CT-X cassette.

Field Expansion

Easily upgrade our Signature Series wall mounts in the field with the Multilink CT-X Cassette. The CT-X is a plug-n-play device, which makes field expansion a breeze.

Splice Hub™

The Splice Hub™ allows 144+ fiber count capacities to be deployed fast in the field with optical splitters and pre-terminated CT-X cassettes. Each can be equipped for various fiber capacities including 144, 288, 432, 576 and 864.