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Designed for low power Fiber Deep and MDU applications the EB300 provides continuous operation through utility line voltage spikes and sags with superior output voltage regulation. A 12V design provides efficient run time during outages and has provisions for expansion, increasing run time. A field replaceable inverter module, DOCSIS 2.0/3.0/3.1 Status Monitoring and Status At A Glance elevate the EB300 to the industries leading 300W power supply system.


Automatic Voltage Regulation

Providing automatic output voltage regulation throughout the entire utility line input voltage window.

4 Tap Design 

The 4 Tap Design automatically regulates output voltage throughout the utility line input voltage window. Comes standard on every model.

 Advanced Surge Protection

Microprocessor controlled protectio eliminates output voltage spikes, protecting the plant equipment from overvoltage conditions.

12V Design

12V Inverter Design 

A 12V design utilizes a single battery system which creates a small footprint for space constrained applications. A single battery system reduces operating costs.

Run Time Expansion 

A parallel battery system provides additional run time, providing power during longer outages. 

Programmable Charger

Allows for use of multiple battery technologies to be used and properly charged.


DOCSIS 2.0/3.0/3.1

The EB300 is designed with DOCSIS backwards compatibility, allowing various embeded transponders to be used.

Industry Standard

Compliant with DOCSIS HMS/ANSI/SCTE standards and network management systems.

Spectrum Analyzer

Included with DOCSIS 3.0/3.1, the spectrum analyzer provides constillation maintenance of the network, ensuring signal reliability.

Status At A Glance

Scorlling Display

A scrolling display accompanied with 6 LED's provide technicians the EB300's operating conditions at a glance.

4 Line LCD Display

Used to display and program operating parameters through our intuitive menu system.

User Configurability

From transfer characteristics to charging profiles, the EB300 can be customized for every unique application.


Inside/Outside Plant Power Applications

The EB300 has been engineered to work in both inside and outside applications. Its battery backup capabilities can be utilized in multiple applications which can include Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), office buildings and Outside Plant (OSP).