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The Multilink® Surelight® H-IP is a fiber drop cable solution with a field installable application that is an OptiTap™ compatible connector. The field installable hardened connector is designed to be environmentally protected while maintaining superior durability and reliability for use in the connection to the subscriber. The Surelight® H-IP is available in multiple fiber lengths to meet all your FTTX design drop deployment. Its flexibility and reliability provides fast and simple deployments within a network. The Surelight® H-IP field installable connector is designed to reduce the cost and time of drop fiber deployment in the network.


H-IP Field Installable

Multilink has engineered the markets first field installable hardened connector. 


The H-IP Field Installable only requires typical fiber tools, most of which every field tech will already have in their truck. A Simple 3 step template provides exact measurements and steps to help ensure quality terminations every time.


Designed and engineered to be compatible with many leading manufacturers multi-port service terminals. The connector has been designed to accommodate both flat and round drop fiber.



Field installables give you the ability to re-connectorize in the field. Field termination is great for service calls due to drop damage, environmental damage & connection failure. 

Quick Repair Time

Installers can now be dispatched immediately, eliminating the need to run new pre-terminated cables. The connectors average installation time is between 3-5 minutes.

No Lead Time

The H-IP Field Installable is a stocked item ready to ship at any time. It is also small enough for service providers and technicians to stock in their wearhouses and/or trucks.


Weather Resistant

Field installables give you the ability to re-connectorize in the field. Field termination is great for service calls due to drop damage, environmental damage & connection failure. 

Improved Performance

The H-IP was designed to have a more precise fit, enhancing the connectors performance. Its robust design provides greater integrity to the connector, providing a safer and less accident prone installation.


A better design leads to better standards. The H-IP has met higher standards which include

  • IEC60B74; F04 (JIS C5973); FOCIS-3; TIA/EIA-604-3A
  • Telcordia GR-326-4 CORE Compliant
  • UL94 V-0 rated
  • RoHS Compliant


Bulk Fiber

Utilizing bulk fiber allows you to reduce inventory. Not having to stock numerous pre terminated lengths saves wearhouse space. Bulk fiber also reduces cable waste by allowing you to create your own custom lengths specific to each job. 

Saves Labor Cost

The H-IP Field Installable doesn't require specialized technicians to install, thus reducing the cost to re-connectorize problem connections in the field. Any field tech can now take care of these tasks. They also save labor and time cost by eliminating drop replacement construction costs.

Saves Operational Cost

The connector utilizes typical fiber tools, minimizing equipment costs. It is also a compact item, alloing for truck inventory and saving warehouse trips which in return allows techs to have more field time.



The design and material have been tested to withstand the roughest field conditions. Each connector is backed by a 20 year guarantee to withstand typical field conditions.


The H-IP Field Installable connector has been simplified into a 3 step installation process. An easy to use guide walks you through the process, creating a thoughtless process.