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Life Saver™ Roof Technology

Multilink's Life Saver Roof technology extends the life of electronic components in your DOT cabinets. Rigurously tested, the Life Saver roof has outperformed its biggest competitors in the stove top shielded and stove top unshielded designs.

Stove Top Unshielded Multilink® Life Saver™ Cabinet Stove Top Shielded
Life Saver™ Roof
Percentage Hotter Than Life Saver™ Cabinet
20.5% 0% 19.9%
Average Temperature of Cabinet
152.06°F 126.14°F 151.34°F
Roof Top Cool Air Intake

The Multilink® Life Saver roof was rigorously tested against the competitions chimney and shielded style of cabinets. The Life Saver continuously outperformed the competition with an inside temperature that was around 20% cooler. All tests were witnessed and certified by Cincinnati Sub Zero (CSZ), an independent testing organization.


1 Hour Reading

After 1 hour the Life Saver™ cabinet came in at 14.6°F cooler than the Stove Top unshielded cabinet and 20.2°F cooler than the Stove Top Chimney cabinet.

3 Hour Reading

A mid range reading showed the Life Saver™ cabinet still standing up to the heat coming in at 24.1°F cooler than the Stove Top Chimney cabinet and 25°F cooler than the Stove Top Unshielded cabinet.

6 Hour Reading

At the hottest reading point the Life Saver™ cabinet showed it was still superior, standing 25.7°F cooler than the Stove Top Unshielded cabinet and 26.2°F cooler than the Stove Top Chimney cabinet.

Cold/Ambient Air Intake

Multilink's cabinets are designed to intake cold/ambient air at the base of the cabinets.

Hot Air Rises

As the air heats up it starts to rise due to head dissipation. Built in tray venting helps the hot air rise efficiently.


The ambient air reaches the Life Saver™ roof and is exhausted out at the industry's highest rate, keeping your electronics safe and secure.

The Life Saver Roof is a staple across our lineup of cabinets. It was developed with the sole purpose of keeping the interior of the cabinet cooler. Outperforming the competition by 15°F-20°F allows for significant advantages. Protecting electronic equipment and easy maintenance save significant time and cost. Designed to meet UL and CSA standards. If the Multilink® Life Saver Roof is not protecting your equipment then nothing is truly protecting it.


332 & 334 Cabinet

A compact cabinet with dual doors. This cabinet houses a large amount of equipment in a small space.

336 Cabinet

This is our standard size cabinet that utilizes that Life Saver™ roof technology. Completely customized for every applications needs, it can handle nearly anything.

336s Cabinet

The 336s is a stretch cabinet that can fit in slim places. It is wide enough to house the standard sized equipment but sleek enough for certain applicational needs.