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Mobile Interactive Learning Centers


Multilink has two Mobile Interactive Learning Centers designed to give customers an immersive experience with our full lineup of products. Their mobility allows us to assist customers across the country with product training, onsite technical support and live product demonstrations. The Road Show Van is available by appointment to all Multilink customers and anyone who is interested in learning more about our solutions. The Lab will be attending larger shows throughout the year. Whether you have a big project coming up or just want to learn how to improve and make your company more efficient, our Mobile Interactive Learning Centers are the ultimate tools for the job.

The Lab is our Mobile Interactive Learning Center designed to give customers an immersive experience with our full lineup of products. Its mobility allows us to assist customers across the country at large shows with product training, onsite technical support and live product demonstrations. The Lab will be traveling to the biggest shows around the country! If you are interested in seeing The Lab, visit our News & Events Page to see if it will be at a show you will be attending! Don't miss out on the opportunity to see The Lab and products in person for some hands-on training!


What's Inside the Lab? 


Inside The Lab, we have products from the CATV, ITS/Traffic and Fiber Optic industries loaded and ready to go. This allows our customers to see what our product will look like in the field before they buy it. Also inside, our Clear Touch® interactive display allows us to connect with specialists at Multilink's home office via video conferencing. The Lab's Wi-Fi capabilities allow our product managers to connect via the Clear Touch®. No matter where The Lab is, there will always be someone to answer our customer's questions! 

What Else Does the Lab Offer? 


The Lab isn't just a rolling product showcase. Through our Corporate Alliance with SCTE, we can teach fully accredited courses pertaining to industry-specific topics. The Lab's technological capabilities allow our Product Specialists to travel to trade show locations and provide onsite network planning and design. If our customers have a big project, our Product Specialists can travel to the site and train them on installations, using The Lab as a training center. The possibilities are endless! 



Hands-On Product Training


The Lab can go almost anywhere. If our customers have a big project and need help training deployers on installations, our Product Specialists will be there! 


What is a Clear Touch® Interactive Display? 


A Clear Touch® Interactive Display is a 55-Inch, smart touch screen display. It allows for up to 20 simultaneous points of contact, immediate access to mobile apps and software, device mirroring and wireless connectivity—all designed to get people collaborating quickly, in real-time. Utilizing the Clear Touch® in The Lab, we are able to take Multilink's home office anywhere in the country via video conferencing. No matter where customers are located in the US, we will be able to work with them as if we were in the same room. It also grants us the functionality to create interactive network plans on location, ultimately reducing the completion time of your build! 


The Road Show Van! 


Multilink® is excited to present our mobile training center, the Road Show Van. This van is equipped with a variety of Multilink products including an Outside Plant Cabinet, Fiber Splice Enclosures, Sno-Shoes, Rack & Wall Mount Enclosures and Raceway architectural molding. This gives Multilink® the opportunity to travel across the country and provide insight on how to use and apply our products. The Road Show is a Mobile Interactive Learning Center designed to show the network application of our full lineup of products. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, The Road Show gives you an interactive way to learn more about the solutions we can offer.

We are eager to meet with you and your employees. To keep your employees safe, this training will take place in small groups, in an open-air van that will be outside your facility. After each training session, the van will be sanitized and prepped for the next group. Our product experts will be prepared with masks to further protect your employees. This is an incredible opportunity to discover new industry innovations, quick assembly field installables, rural and urban solutions, 5G products, and more. Contact us today to take part in this interactive experience and visualize our products in your networks!

The Van will also be making stops at our trade shows as well as customer and distributor locations. If you want the Multilink Road Show Van to make a stop at your location, just contact a Multilink sales representative to schedule a visit!