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Multilink's ultra modular Multi-Media Distribution Enclosure (MDE) provides both wireless and wired connectivity in premise installations structured for residential MDU’s, Business Applications, ONT, BB, Brownfield, Greenfield and FTTX requirements. With a scalable design built to adapt to network environments large and small, the Multi-Media Enclosure offers an extensive lineup of accessories and customization, making your network installations simple, clean and quick.

UL Listed  |  CSA Listed  |  CE Certified  |  Wi-Fi Friendly  |  Customizable  |  Paintable  |  Quick Ship

Pick Your Size

Our Multi-Media Enclosure is available in four standard sizes. Each unit is modular, meaning multiple units of varying sizes it can be stacked to accommodate your network's specific installation needs. Each size is designed to fit between 16” center to center studs

15" Enclosure

The 15" enclosure is ideal for residential networks. It is a compact enclosure that is capable of housing network Wi-Fi equipment.

30" Enclosure

Expanding the size of the 15" enclosure, we have the 30" model. This is ideal for residential networks that need a bit more space than the typical network setup.

45" Enclosure

The 45" enclosure starts to break into the MDU market with its large frame. It offers plenty of room to install data modules and network equipment to route for multiple customers.

60" Enclosure

The largest of the group is the 60" enclosure, for when your network installation requires an impressive footprint.

Pick Your Style

Available with either a Standard OR Flush frame around the edge of the enclosure. The Multi Media Enclosure can also be placed on the floor utilizing a floor stand kit. Order each style with a vented door(s), solid door(s) OR mix and match.

Standard Frame

A standard frame provides a compact look with the ability to stud mount enclosures side by side.

Flush Frame

The flush frame gives an enhanced clean look wherever it is installed. Tapered to the outside to flow right into the wall gives a clean look and also provides cover for any uneven cuts of the drywall.

Floor Stand

A floor stand style gives you the ability to install network equipment such as routers, hoppers and repeaters anywhere and provide clean network equipment and cable management.

Pick Your Accessories

Available with either a Standard OR Flush frame around the edge of the enclosure, the Multi Media Enclosure can also be placed on the floor using a floor stand kit. Order each style with a vented door(s), solid door(s) OR mix and match.


The spool provides great slack storage management. It can be split in two and seperated to expand slack storage loops, providing even greater slack storage opportunities.

Grid Mount

The Grid Mounting plate makes mounting your network equipment fast and simple. Utilizing our patented universal mounting design, it can handle any manufacturer's mounting dimensions and can be placed anywhere in the enclosure.


Easy to mount shelves provide support for larger, heavier equipment. The shelves also have integrated holes for utilizing self-adhesive straps or zip ties to secure your network equipment.


The Multi-Media Enclosure has the ability to house two different locking mechanisms, both a Slide Latch and a Cam Lock.

Data Module

A Cat 6 module that provides up to 8 network splits to route fiber to designated network areas.

12V Power Supply

A network power supply kit that includes mounting hardware.





FlexGrid™ Mounting

Multilink's FlexGrid™ mounting system can be integrated anywhere on the inside back wall of the Multi-Media Enclosure. The FlexGrid™ has a grid-based design that allows it to mount nearly any network equipment without specific hole patterns needing to be worked into the enclosure.

Media Shelf Hooks

The media shelf is strong enough to support heavier items, providing greater support and stability. The shelf keeps your products more secure with hooks that feature integrated hanging slots that allow straps to be placed through them, tightly fastening your network equipment to the enclosure.







Slack Storage Spool

The slack storage spool is ideal for small diameter cables, such as Cat5, Cat6 & 1-12 fiber cables. The spool can be mounted anywhere on the back of the Multi Media Enclosure. It has the ability to seperate at the middle, giving you the ability to place them farther apart, adding additional slack storage ability.






The Multi Media Enclosure can be equipped with either a slide latch or cam lock. The slide latch provides a quick convenient latch for easy opeding of the door. The cam lock provides keyed entry to give an added security to your network equipment.