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The Optima™ S optical cross connect splicing terminal offers the fastest hook up and disconnect speeds of any drop cable field connection. The Optima S™ utilizes computer aided engineering for optimal use in the Outside Plant and FTTX networks, with separate compartments for splices and fiber drops. It also utilizes a specially designed precision cost effective drop system with standard bulkhead adapters. The Optima™ S raises subscriber terminal deployment to a new level for field installations. It also has provisions for an expandable feed through capability to other Optima™ S terminal devices. Available in factory terminated OR field installable variations. 



Aerial Service

The Optima™ is available in 4, 8 and 12 port configurations for residential distribution, also allowing for pass-through network designs. Has a compact size, comparable to typical line equipment. 

Surface/Wall Mounting

The Optima™ has a compact size for wall mounting capabilities and can be placed in demarcation areas, providing fiber solutions to various MDU or single tenant buildings.

Pedestal Service

Vertical mounting capabilities allow both feeder and distribution drop fibers to enter and exit from a single side of the Optima™. Its size allows it to be mounted on 10" wide pedestals. 

Vault Service

Similar to dome splice enclosures, the Optima™ allows a one sided entry for both feeder and distribution drop fibers. 

Optima Applications

OptiDrop™ Connector

The Optima™ S is engineered to utilize Multilink's OptiDrop™ Connector. The OptiDrop™ is a field terminated drop cable, reducing installation times and cost. Connectors can be installed within 2 - 3 minutes and have an average light loss of less than .3dB. 

Why OptiDrop™?

The OptiDrop™ is a field tested and proven field installable connector that can be installed within minutes, reducing service and maintenance times without sacrificing quality. The OptiDrop™ also utilizes bulk fiber, lessening the need for pre-terminated cable stock.


4, 8, 12 & 16 Output Ports

The Optima™ S is capable of housing up to 16 output ports, utilizing the Multilink OptiDrop™. The output port panel can handle most industry standard connections.


Multi-Grommet System 

Different grommets can be used for various cable types such as Flat/Round Drop and SpeedFlex™. There is also a grommet to plug entry ports. 


Separate Entrance

Encompassing two separate entry ports, the drop fiber installation is located in its own compartment, ensuring the installer only comes into contact with the drop installation cables.

Fiber Pass Through 

4 non captive ports surround the base of the unit, allowing mid-span access for up to 144 count fiber runs. Each grommet has the ability to handle various different cable sizes. 



Fiber Splicing

The Optima™ S has the capability to do mid entry splicing. Capable of housing up to 144 count fibers utilizing (3) 24 count splice trays which can be stacked. 

Fiber Splicing



Re-Enterable Closure

A re-enterable closure allows for easy maintenance access for technicians to trouble shoot and connectorize each drop right in the field.


Fast Installation

A simple re-enterable design allows the installer to quickly access the closure and complete installations in minimal time.



Field tested

Certified and tested by industry leading service providers, the Optima™ has proven its worth in the field.


Cost Effective

The use of Multilink's OptiDrop™ connectors make the Optima™ the most cost effective FTTH closure on the market.


Quality Manufactured

Made to meet industry standards including IP68 weather proofing, the Optima™ S is manufactured under strict Six Sigma processes, ensuring quality in every closure.