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FlexGrid™ Mounting System

Our patented FlexGrid™ mounting system allows for various configurations to utilize the entire space.

Fusion Splice Holder

The fusion splice holder allows up to 6 fusion splices to be made. The fusion splice holder mounts along the outside of the box utilizing the FlexGrid™ system, ultimately saving valuable space.

Slack Storage Bracket

The slack storage brackets are integrated into the box utilizing the FlexGrid™ mounting system. The slack storage brackets provide the ability to store ample slack storage of your fiber optic cable.


Fusion Splice Holder

6 Fusion Splice Capacity

The fusion splice holder has the ability to house 6 fusion splices. Its unique patented design allows the installer to route the fusion splice along the perimeter of the RNI Box, saving prime real estate in the box.


The back side of the holder has an integrated slot that allows (3) Simplex OR Duplex adapters to be mounted. This patented design eliminates bulky adapter plates, which in return provides additional savings.


Fusion Splicing Drop Fiber

Drop Cable

Route and secure the incoming drop cable along the perimeter of the enclosure.

Fusion Splicing

Fusion splice the incoming drop cable to the outbound service cable.

Fusion Splice Holder

Secure the fusion spliced cable to the fusion splice holder. Mount the fusion splice holder to the FlexGrid™ mounting system alongside the perimeter of the enclosure, saving over 95% of the enclosures space.

Adapter & Slack Storage Installation


The fusion splice holder allows for either (3) Duplex OR Simplex adapters. Each will slide into the integrated slot to which you can run your connectorized fusion spliced cables.

Slack Storage Brackets

The slack storage brackets will mount anywhere in the enclosure utilizing the FlexGrid™ mounting system. They provide efficient fiber management of fusion spliced cable as well as the distribution cables slack storage.

Distribution Cable

Termination To Adapters

The distribution cable will easily terminate to the installed adapters.

Slack Storage Brackets

The slack storage of the distribution cable is easily managed with the slack storage brackets alongside the perimeter of the enclosure. Utilizing the slack storage brackets also help to ensure a minimum bend radius.