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New Products

Optima™ U

Expanding your FTTx Network? Multilink has expanded its Optima Family product to now include the new Optima™ U. This product is designed to be utilized in vaults or below-grade applications, however, can also be used in above-ground or aerial applications. Made from UV Stabilized Plastic, it's designed to withstand any weather condition and with the Snap Locking Latches, it's quick + easy to use. 

  • Pass-Thru Fiber Capable
  • Holds up to 12 Flat, Round, ROC®, or Speedflex™
  • Separated Splice Tray from Drops
  • Durable UV Rated Plastic Material
  • Compact Design


Multilink’s next evolution has led to its most versatile product yet. The Optima U, a hybrid fiber enclosure, is capable of securing network fiber regardless of weather, temperature, or location. This flexibility allows for wall, aerial, or cell installations. In addition, the Optima U is compact in design for pedestal mounting and below-grade applications. Designed to IP68 rating, the Optima U has been developed to withstand dust, dirt, sand and is water-resistant.


The Optima U is adaptable with grommets to suit a 48 count feeder cable (72 count max) and up to 12 Flat, Round, ROC®, or Speedflex™ drop fibers. The unit allows for grounding and can be pressurized if required. Like the Multilink Optima S line of products, the Optima U also provides a separate splicing compartment which is set apart by an easy-to-lift, hinged plate. Cable management is provided within the unit to ensure the fiber is protected.




The EB1LP is a low-power uninterruptible power supply that provides isolated and regulated power for CATV/HFC network applications. The high-efficiency battery backup inverter features synchronous rectification, ensuring cooler operating temperatures and longer battery runtime. Featuring an intuitive user interface, the EB1LP is easy to use and is plug-and-play with existing infrastructure and equipment. Accessories that include battery balancing and CableLabs® certified DOCSIS 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 status monitoring transponders, are also available to extend the capabilities of each EB1LP.

  • Plug-n-play compatibility
  • DOCSIS compatible
  • 4 standard output capacities




5000 Modular Cabinet

The 5000 Modular Series serves as an economical cabinet. With numerous options to choose from, you can build each cabinet to fit your needs. This modular series is manufactured with powder-coated aluminum and is available in gray or beige. You can also visit our online configurator to select your specific components.

  • Customizable: A/C unit/heat exchanger option, battery drawer, etc.
  • Field Upgradeable
  • Security Options
  • Ability to connect up to 3 cabinets




Street Brite Sign

Compact - Thin is In! The Multilink Street Brite Sign has been designed and engineered to address the needs of the traffic industry; improving reliability, accessibility, and visibility. The Street Brite Sign’s heavy-duty frame is constructed with aircraft-grade, 8-gauge aluminum and can withstand wind speeds up to 150 miles per hour, yet is 2/3 the weight of the competitor's signage. Set in the sealed junction box, the innovative Photo Eye provides automatic powering on and off, allowing the LED strips to boast a long-life with a minimum of 10 years.

  • Thin design for weight reduction
  • Single/Double-side LED illumination
  • +90% energy saving capability





Reel-link Terminal

The Reel-Link Terminal is a compact, quick, and economical way to deploy FTTx. This all-plastic, wall-mounted, plug-and-play fiber distribution is ideal for FTTx builds, businesses, MDUs, or anywhere a demarcation box is needed. Fiber spools are capable of housing 1 or 2 MPO (12 or 24 count) jumper(s) pinned to an SC/APC fan out.
The removable, rotating spool allows the proper amount of fiber to be deployed while maintaining additional slack. The fiber spools are interchangeable with various lengths of MPO jumpers available up to 750'. With the use of our locking mechanism, the spool can be secured onto the base to prevent rotation after the initial install.

  • UV stabilized plastic for indoor/outdoor mounting
  • Innovative rotating spool for quick and easy cable deployment
  • Terminate up to 24 drops through non-captive grommets
  • Intuitive drop management system