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Illuminated Street Signs

Illuminated street signs make driving safer and less stressful for locals as well as visitors. Departments of transportation often choose to place LED illuminated overhead signs on highways, busy roads and near intersections that are otherwise poorly lit. Transportation departments in some cities may even incorporate illuminated street signs at all major intersections simply because they make navigating easier after dark.

Edge-lit and internally illuminated LED street signs offer constant readability, regardless of external conditions, making them ideal for addressing visibility concerns. If you're looking for an LED illuminated street sign, Multilink can provide one that meets your state and county regulations. Learn about the benefits of our outdoor signs below.

Easy Installation in the Field

To make installation and maintenance practical, transportation departments need signs they can set up quickly. At Multilink, we designed our LED illuminated street signs with ease of installation in mind. Technicians can install our signs without opening them, which makes setup safer and easier for everyone involved.

Should you ever need to replace the sign face, in the event of a street name change, for example, you can complete this process easily as well. You can open your sign by unlocking the padlock latch. No additional tools are required. This simple access method makes changing the sign and lights a fast, inexpensive process.

Long-Lasting Visibility

When a DOT invests in illuminated street signs, people want to know the investment will pay off. Multilink's LED outdoor signs provide long-lasting visibility, making them an efficient way to improve roadway safety in the long term.

Our illuminated signs stand up to harsh conditions and provide steady visibility. They feature reinforced aluminum enclosures, a strong LED light strip and impact-resistant panels to protect them from damage.

In addition to durable construction, our signs also include energy-efficient LED lights with long lifespans, so they can function continuously without needing frequent replacement. Unlike fluorescent-lit signs, our LED internally illuminated street signs won't flicker.

Custom Options to Meet Area Regulations

DOT regulations in the U.S. vary from state to state, and in some cases, from county to county. At Multilink, we can customize our illuminated street signs to meet your department's local requirements for dimensions.

When you choose an illuminated street sign from Multilink, you'll have the ability to specify the following characteristics:

  • Sign width
  • Sign height
  • Single or double-sided
  • Lexan color
  • Mounting preference


We also ask that you report your state and county so we can check any applicable regulations and tailor your signs to local DOT specifications.

If you have other specific requests for your signs, our in-house engineering team can work with you to modify our standard models or create a custom system capable of solving unique challenges in your transportation system.

Get LED Illuminated Street Signs From Multilink

Multilink's LED internally illuminated street signs benefit drivers and departments of transportation by increasing road sign visibility while maintaining ease of installation and service.

We are confident in the quality of Multilink’s products. With this in mind, all signage components are UL and CSA listed and the power supply is IP 67 rated.

Optional features include single or double-sided illumination. The single-sided sign can also be upgraded to double-sided in the field, at any time. The standard color panels are blue or green, however, custom color panels are available upon request.

To learn more about getting illuminated street signs for your area, contact a Multilink representative today.