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Monitor & Control Power with GPS at Your Fingertips

The Smart Tracker is an IP-ready, GPS-enabled device that provides the system owning and/or managing agency with remote access control of (8) NEMA Rated 5-15R outlets, (8) 10A output relays, (8) digital inputs, (2) analog DC voltage inputs (for battery voltage monitoring), plus temperature and humidity sensors – all in one unit! 

Embedded in each Smart Tracker is a web page that provides a summary of system details and operating states. The web page allows the user to configure all outlets, relays, inputs, and other system parameters. This control is available anywhere with access to a standard web browser – saving time and money!

While it is ideal in the field, the Smart Tracker has also proven valuable in other settings such as test laboratories, traffic control centers, server rooms, equipment hubs, and remote locations. 

The three basic functions of the Smart Tracker are control, respond and automate.

Monitor from anywhere with wi-fi

Control Outlets and Relays 

  • Remotely command AC/DC power devices to cycle on or off;
  • Customizable equipment names are available on the web page;
  • Alarm notifications alert traffic controllers;
  • Status of each power outlet, output relay and digital input can be viewed directly on the summary page or on-site with the LED indicator lights.

Respond to Unpredictable and External Events

  • Digital inputs allow the Smart Tracker to appropriately respond to unpredictable events such as open or closed circuits;
  • Digital inputs indicate when external events have occurred, such as:
    • Tampering with the enclosure;
    • A standby generator is present and providing power to the load.

Enable Power Using Output Relays

  • Control your equipment with the advanced scheduling feature;
  • Save time and money by avoiding unnecessary inspections and service calls with automation;
  • Achieve tasks through the use of “trigger actions” or event commands;
  • Reset an outlet when network communication is lost or a network device is unresponsive with Ping, an automated feature.


GPS provides exact location of each Smart Tracker


Benefitting Communities

Enabling Power
Using Output Relays
While working against nature, power products face freezing temperatures, heat, and humidity. 

If high or low temperature and/or humidity thresholds are exceeded in the field, the agency will be notified automatically through an email or an SNMP trap of the event. The user may then enable power through outlets and/or relays to auxiliary fan kits or battery heater mats to maintain the functionality and efficiency of their cabinet. 

Sensing Utility Power
Communication with Digital Inputs
A cabinet’s network switch, modem, or radio communication device may be plugged into outlet one and renamed “Communication Device”. Once the Smart Tracker has been set up for the cabinet’s network switch and is configured to be reset by pinging, an automated feature. It will then reset an outlet when network communication is lost. Ping can automatically restore network communication to the Smart Tracker if a network switch or network device has become unresponsive. A simple power reset may resolve the issue.

Imminent Shutdown
Communication with Digital Inputs
Utilizing the Smart Tracker, the user can effectively respond to unexpected events that occur on the power line. In the event of a brownout, the Smart Tracker will remotely indicate that the timer relay on the power supply has been exceeded and that the intersection may now be in flash mode. Once this occurs, the runtime is limited and a technician should report to the site to apply a generator to the system before power to the device is lost.  

From remote and automatic power control to alarm reporting and communication with peripheral devices the Smart Tracker raises the bar to serve in numerous applications across multiple industries. 


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