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Smart Tracker


With use in a variety of industries, Multilink's Smart Tracker is a Remote Power Manager designed to provide 8 resettable outlets for any piece of equipment attached to it. Its internet connectivity allows it provide up-to-date operating parameters and remote access, eliminating the need for technician assistance. Through many of its features and benefits, the Smart Tracker is a comprehensive smart outlet strip that allows users to take control of their industrial equipment. It is the final solution to remote equipment deployment in your industry. 


The Smart Tracker's ethernet capabilities allow it to provide up-to-date operating paremeters including voltage, temperature, humidity, device time and more all on a user friendly webpage. 

Remote Access 

Through the on board webpage the user can reset a remote device, eliminating the need for manual resetting. Users also have the ability to schedule devices on each outlet to turn on/off at specific time intervals. 

GPS Tracking  

Through GPS tracking you will be able to know the exact location of the Smart Tracker deployed in your system. 

Event Log  

The Smart Tracker can provide event logs for each event that takes place on its outlets, digital inputs, or outputs. This allows for easy tracking and reporting on equipment usage. 

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