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Environment Control

Our Environment Control Accessories range from our Battery Configuration Heater Pad to our Fan Shelves for cabinets.

Bulkhead Brackets

Bulkhead Brackets for standard Multilink adapter panels modules. Multilink’s Signature Series of bulkhead adapters offer more versatility than standard models because they’re all interchangeable, requiring no changes to the tray or body of the fiber distribution unit aside from relocating the stop plungers. ...

Cable Clips

Multilink's Cable Clips are a great accessory when dealing with your cable management needs.


Our Kits include fiber management accessories, cable management accessories including zip ties and fiber labels.

Converter Totes

Plastic, Rolling, and Techbag converter totes and accessories.

Shoe Covers

Work Boot & Regular Shoe Style Disposable Shoe Covers.

Fiber Accessories

Our fiber accessories are necessary for the installation, maintenance and management of our fiber products.

Gel Splice Kits

Multilink's Gel Splice kit is intended to provide a splice enclosure for small diameter small count fiber optic cable. It has the capacity to splice up to 2 cables / 6 fibers.

Splice Sealant

F-Seal Teflon Splice & Underground Drop Sealant.

Squirrel Guard

Slit back Riser Tubing protects the connection from the cable to the fitting.

19" Rack Rail Plates

Panels for rack mount rails. All plates are designed to fit in standard 19" rack rail footprints.

Mounting Kits

We offer various mounting kits for many of our products. We have kits that range from wall mounts, floor stands, aerial mounts, pedestal mounts and etc.

Security & Latches

Security accessories for our cabinets and enclosures.

NPT Fittings

We have various NPT fittings for all of our captive enclosures.

Cable Addition Kits

Cable Addition Kits that can be used as an accessory to our series of Starfighter Dome Enclosures.

Surge Suppression

Service Entrances

Multilink offers a variety of service entrance solutions for the telecommunications industry.


Grommet inserts for our NPT Fittings.

Backing Plates

A mountable FlexGrid™ system designed to create a universal mount for enclosures.


Grounding Stud utilized with the Fiber Tap Series & Starfighter products.