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Featuring Gel Seal Technology for Direct Buried Applications

Gel splice kits and connectors from Multilink utilize our Gel Seal technology that uses a silicone gel composite. Gel Seal offers the following benefits for your splice connections:

  •  No need for encapsulant: Gel Seal technology simplifies splice connection through convenient encapsulation features. Since our gel splice products include an existing silicone seal, they do not require you to use an encapsulant.
  • Full encapsulation: Our gel splice connectors provide full encapsulation for a high degree of weather protection. They defend splices from water infiltration, signal degradation, soil chemicals and other outdoor damage sources.
  • Multiple models available: We offer various types of gel splice kits and connectors to accommodate many kinds of fiber optic wire. Our splice kits feature the enclosure and hardware needed to perform a gel seal on a splice of up to six fibers. The gel splice connectors come in black and orange and are designed to snap over smaller connections.


Choose Between Gel Seal Gel Splice Connectors and Splice Kits for Underground Wire

The two types of gel splice kits that we sell include:

  • Gel Seals: Gel Seals make it simple to weatherproof splice points for RG-6, RG-6QS, RG-7, RG-11, RG-59 and 312 drop cables. They feature an easy installation process that enables you to protect splice points for underground applications quickly.
  • Fiber drop gel splice kit:  Our fiber drop gel splice kits accept small-diameter cables such as round, dielectric, armored and flat drop with tone wire. Each kit includes a closure, bracket, chip and connectors to encapsulate the splice securely.


Simple Installation

Gel splice kits and connectors have straightforward installation processes for efficient splice encapsulation. Each product has the following installation steps:

  • Gel Seals: Gel Seal installation involves three simple steps: Push the splice into one half of the connector, fold the cover closed and ensure that it has a secure latch.
  • Fiber drop gel splice kit: The fiber drop gel splice kit includes all of the hardware you need to splice and encapsulate wires. To install the kit, you need to attach prepared fiber cables to the interior bracket and secure them. Then, you will insert the bracket into the enclosure and firmly close it.


Custom Design Services Available

To provide the best service possible to our customers, we offer custom design capabilities to meet the needs of the ever-changing telecommunications industry. If you need a splice kit or another solution for your operations not found on our website, we encourage you to contact us. Our team of engineers can design custom products that achieve a variety of goals.

Uncompromising Design

Each of our products features top-quality engineering and materials to meet your high expectations. All of our solutions go through rigorous quality assurance based on ISO 9000 standards. We also test every product in a controlled laboratory setting to deliver the results your company needs. You may request our testing reports to ensure that you'll get the level of performance necessary to provide the standard of service you aim for.

Complete Our Simple Quote Process

Our site features a fast and easy process for requesting a quote that resembles familiar online shopping interfaces. To get a quote, add the items you need to your cart, fill out your information and check out. We will contact you with an estimated cost and discuss any of your custom specifications.