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Demarcation Enclosures

RNI Boxes

Steel Boxes

Multilink engineers and manufactures Multiple Dwelling Units (MDU), Plastic Demarcation Enclosures, Environmentally Controlled Enclosures, Backhaul 12RU, Ground / Wall / Pole Mount, OTN Cabinets, and custom specification solutions. Products are available in plastic, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum materials. Our ...

Multi-Media Enclosure

The ultra modular Multi-Media Distribution Enclosure (MDE) provides both wireless and wired connectivity in premise installations structured for residential MDU’s, Business Applications, ONT, BB, Brownfield, Greenfield and FTTX requirements.

Custom Enclosure

Multilink offers completely customized enclosures. Configure one that meets your applications needs and submit it for a fast quote.

RNI Boxes

We offer various sizes of RNI boxes in single and double door configurations. Our engineers develop our RNI boxes with UV-stabilized materials for years of outdoor service. Multilink RNI boxes deliver features such as:

  • Multiple adapter assembly and mounting bracket options
  • Easy mounting with FlexGrid™ technology
  • Better cable management with Velcro® straps


Steel Multiple Dwelling Units (MDUs)

In applications involving multiple dwellings, an MDU protects fiber optic and coaxial cables. Our MDU designs minimize pry points to protect their contents from theft or tampering. Multilink MDUs provide the following benefits and features:

  • Integrated electronic components and wiring in accordance with Six Sigma standards
  • Available in various materials and knockout styles
  • Mounting styles that include ground, wall, pole and unistrut


Multimedia Enclosures

Multimedia distribution enclosures (MDEs) provide a centralized location for distributing and installing multi-play services. The advantages of our MDEs include:

  • Adaptable to multiple network technologies
  • Plastic construction for reduced electrical interference
  • Improved heat dissipation through built-in louvers


Custom Demarcation Boxes

If you have specific enclosure requirements that you can't address with our standard products, consider one of our custom solutions. Our online customization form makes it fast and easy to order the exact design you need. Thanks to our robust custom capabilities, you can specify these features of your enclosure:

  • Box style
  • Plate requirements
  • Box dimensions in feet, inches or meters
  • Number of locks
  • Type of lock
  • Knockout style
  • Box color and material
  • Plate type
  • Board type
  • Wiring type
  • Additional options such as thread size and special plates


Additional Custom Capabilities Available

In addition to custom demarcation boxes, we offer customized versions of many of the products available on our website. If you need a solution to go with your custom demarcation box, we can help you build a design that meets your networking requirements. Our team of engineers can partner with you to create a product to your specifications throughout design, manufacturing and testing. We follow ISO 9000 standards and perform in-house lab testing on all of our custom and standard products.

Versatile Solutions From Multilink

At Multilink, we know that telecommunication networks require versatile solutions that meet the demands of intricate systems. To help you establish as many parts of your network at once as possible, we provide these capabilities:

  • Universal products: Many of our products have universal designs that allow you to use them with other equipment models. We can also provide customization services for further help with integrating your network equipment.
  • Bundling options: We can use our knowledge of our catalog to deliver a single-source networking solution. Upon request, our team will recommend products to bundle with your purchase to help you save money and time.


Get a Quote Online

Our online quote process allows you to specify your order using familiar online shopping features — just add the products you need to your cart, then complete the check out process. Our team will contact you to talk about bundling options, pricing and any custom specifications.