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Types of RNI Enclosures We Offer

We supply RNI boxes and demarcation enclosures in multiple designs and sizes to meet connection requirements. These cabinets meet the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC's) strict protection requirements surrounding telephony demarcation.

Multilink's RNI-series cabinets set the industry standard for demarcation enclosures. These boxes feature many options, including slack brackets, captive and non-captive entrances and our patented Flexgrid™ system. Our enclosures also offer patch and splice capabilities, allowing unparalleled flexibility for nearly any application. 

Multilink demarcation enclosures work well for single- or multidwelling units. We have a design ideal for any location that needs a demarcation point to transition from an outside to an inside environment.

Our rack-rail cabinet splice or fiber distribution hubs (FDHs) are perfect for splitting, cross-connect configurations, plug-and-play technologies and other fiber applications. These hubs offer several mounting options, including pole, ground and wall mounts.

If your company has specific requirements beyond our off-the-shelf products, we offer specially engineered, tailor-made solutions that meet the precise needs of your unique application. Our cabinets are customizable with options like printed corporate logos to help your business stand out. Other customization capabilities include options like:

  • Box designs
  • Box dimensions
  • Materials and colors
  • Door configurations
  • Additionals locks
  • Plate types
  • Board types
  • Wiring types

About Multilink

Multilink is one of the industry's leading designers, developers and manufacturers of top-class products for the telecommunication and intelligent transportation system (ITS) markets. We specialize in fiber optic enclosures, cabinets, splitters, distribution devices, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) units and value-added services like assembly, powder coating, labeling and kitting. We have supplied clients with efficient, innovative products that improve how people and organizations communicate since 1983.

Our state-of-the-art facility in northeast Ohio enables us to fabricate all our products in-house and ensure adherence to strict quality control standards from the initial design phases through final product delivery. The Multilink engineering team boasts decades of combined experience developing cost-effective, application-oriented solutions with the industry's most innovative designs. Our company's customer satisfaction program, quality management system and continuous improvement programs ensure superior quality for each product we manufacture.

Multilink's sales and customer service teams feature some of the industry's most knowledgeable and experienced professionals to handle your needs. We aim to deliver timely solutions that meet or exceed your expectations for effective, purpose-built demarcation enclosures.

Discover More With Multilink Today

If you're interested in learning more about how our RNI boxes and other demarcation enclosures can benefit your unique application, the experts at Multilink can guide you. We can answer your questions and help determine the most practical and effective solution that meets your needs. Connect with us online or call 440-366-6966 today to get started.