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Fiber Distribution Units

Rack Mount

Multilink’s Signature Series offers a complete line of fiber patch panel products (both wall and rack mount) for our CT-X cassette. Multilink’s CT-X cassette offers a system wide modular solution for fiber connectivity. The CT-X cassette is fully integrated with each Signature Series product including the FRM-2RU. ...

Wall Mount

Compact wall mount dual outer door distribution unit with 2 termination panel capacity and integrated network compartment and removable style locking door.

Adapter Plates

Fiber Adapter Panels fit all Multilink rack and wall mount Fiber Distribution Units. Panels are available in Simplex or Duplex adapter format.

Cable Management

Multilink offers both horizontal and vertical cable management products extruded from high grade polymers. All of our horizontal cable managers are produced to fit on a standard 19” rack. Our organizers ship with both the base and the cover as a set. The only color available is black. The slotted duct features open ...

Fiber Distribution Units

Over the years, the switch to fiber optic cables has greatly increased the speed of networks for telecommunications service subscribers.

Due to their higher cost, however, fiber optics have also increased the need for efficient, cost-effective cable distribution.

To save money while bringing fiber optic networks to more customers, engineers rely on fiber distribution hubs. These cabinets distribute connections to multiple points in a business location or housing development, all from a convenient, central location.

Benefits of good fiber optic distribution hubs include simple installation, increased security and easy access for service and reconfiguration.

At Multilink, we offer fiber distribution cabinets to help customers like you build efficient and affordable network infrastructure. Read on to learn more about the different fiber distribution products we offer.

Versatile FDH Cabinets From Multilink

If you rely on fiber distribution hubs to manage fibers within your network, you need to find cabinets that meet your specifications and make your job easier. At Multilink, we produce fiber distribution hubs for use in a variety of applications.

When you browse Multilink's product selection, you'll get to choose between two FDH cabinets that utilize different approaches:

  • 19" Rack Rail Cabinet: This economical cabinet is designed to save space while providing plenty of room for fiber management. Less cramped than many more expensive cabinets on the market, the 19" Rack Rail Cabinet can hold any 19" rack-mountable equipment. This fiber hub is fully customizable and ground or pole mountable.
  • Splice Hub™ CabinetThe Splice Hub™ is an FDH designed to make field installation fast and easy. You can equip this hub for a variety of fiber capacities and configure and upgrade it to meet the requirements of various projects. With easy installation, you can dispatch service to a housing development or business without disrupting operations. What truly makes this cabinet extremely versatile is its expanding fiber termination modules and area for splitters. While you can get this cabinet and have 12 connections to start, it has a setup that enables you to add multiple fiber termination modules that utilize plug and play capabilities. This allows for easy in field expansion.

If you're considering one of our systems but don't see a cabinet with your unique specifications, we can customize one of our distribution hubs to meet your needs. If you need us to make special adjustments to fit one of our cabinets within your system, our team of expert engineers can make it happen.

Discover the Multilink Advantage

Telecom companies and network builders have high expectations for their fiber distribution panels. After all, these useful hubs make up some of the most important parts of your network infrastructure.

At Multilink, we work hard to ensure our products meet your expectations and perform as promised. To make sure the product meets your standards when it's finished, our engineers will supervise the production of custom fiber optic hubs from design to manufacturing to testing.

As the second level of assurance, we also have a quality control program in place based on the ISO 9000 Series Quality System Standards. This program allows us to produce consistently superior products and adapt quickly to the evolving needs of network providers.

To discover how Multilink could give your business a competitive advantage, browse our selection of quality fiber distribution hubs and contact us for more information today and get a free quote on customizable telecommunication solutions.