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Fiber Distribution Units

Adapter Plates

Fiber Adapter Panels fit all Multilink rack and wall mount Fiber Distribution Units. Panels are available in Simplex or Duplex adapter format.

Rack Mount (Patch Panel)

Patch panels are integral components of any network system. This equipment helps keep data systems and server rooms organized, functional and easily accessible. Rack-mount fiber enclosures are suitable for various applications and come with many advantages to users, making cable management, connection and efficiency ...

Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Units

Multilink wall mount fiber distribution boxes include solutions for patch cable interconnection or a combination of splicing and patching. We separate these products into multiple groups based on application to meet your specifications for mount location and termination capacity.

Adapter Panels

Fiber Adapter Panels fit all Multilink rack and wall mount Fiber Distribution Units. Panels are available in Simplex or Duplex adapter format.

Cable Management

Multilink offers both horizontal and vertical cable management products extruded from high grade polymers. All of our horizontal cable managers are produced to fit on a standard 19” rack. Our organizers ship with both the base and the cover as a set. The only color available is black. The slotted duct features open ...

Fiber Distribution Units

If you need fiber cable management solutions, a fiber distribution unit (FDU) can deliver the capabilities your operations require. Optimized for cables, wall mount or rack mount FDUs come in various configurations to fit your applications.

When you're looking for trusted supplies for your operations, Multilink can meet your requirements. With our products, network providers can gain solutions for designing or expanding their network infrastructure. We also offer options to develop custom solutions and products based on what works best for your business needs. Explore our available options and find what suits your business today.

What Is a Fiber Distribution Unit (FDU)?

A fiber distribution unit is a type of hardware that enables optimized fiber cable management at termination points. An FDU can address multiple applications in the telecommunications industry. FDUs have a design optimized for interconnecting incoming fiber optic cables and pieces of equipment with a wide range of specifications. These tools can accommodate between 72 and nearly 300 fiber adapters, depending on their connector type.

FDUs allow field fibers to enter the back of the unit, after which the fibers splice into pigtails. Next, the fibers plug into adapters mounted on adapter plates. Each plate is interchangeable and enables fast adaptation to various fiber ends and adaptor types in multimode or single mode, depending on the application. The units can come in multiple configurations, including rack or wall mount options, and work with diverse fiber adaptor types.

Types of FDU Fiber Options From Multilink

Whatever supplies you need to meet key operational requirements, we can help you find the right solutions. We have an extensive inventory of high-quality materials to equip you for your project. See our range of product solutions to meet your industrial requirements above.

Benefits of Choosing Multilink

You can partner with Multilink to get optimized services for your application requirements. Our high-quality products lead the industry in efficiency and performance, so you can get long-lasting value from your purchase. We use a unique manufacturing model that allows us to handle every step of the process in-house, from research to design and engineering to production. We're able to deliver consistently superior products tailored to our clients' needs. Let us help you get custom solutions that optimize your applications.

When you work with us, you'll gain a wide range of advantages to help move your operations forward, including: 

  • Flexible solutions: Our products provide network solutions for providers as they design or expand their network infrastructure. 
  • Customization options: We offer customizable solutions and can bundle products to deliver options that work optimally with your applications. 
  • Universal products: Many of our products are universal, allowing them to work with a network that also contains products from other sources for convenient setup.


Work With Multilink for Trusted Solutions

If you need wall and rack mount FDUs for your operations, Multilink offers the equipment you need. As an industry-leading designer, developer and manufacturer, our goal is to provide trusted solutions that fit your unique applications. We've been serving the telecommunications industry with innovative solutions since 1983, and we continue to deliver on our commitment to meet key industry needs today.

With reliable equipment able to handle your needs, we can help you complete critical functions seamlessly. If you'd like to learn more about the solutions we have available, contact us today.