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Standard and Standard Lockable Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Boxes

Standard wall mount enclosures from Multilink deliver distribution and connectivity solutions for network providers. All of our series of wall mount distribution panels, including the standard series, can come with your specified logo for applications such as OEM. Our standard wall mount fiber enclosures can also feature lockable doors for the network compartment, and options for lockable distribution doors are available.

Dual Door Wall Mount Fiber Optic Enclosures

Dual door fiber enclosures provide our highest level of distribution panel security. They give you the option to separately lock the network and distribution doors for more control over panel access. The second door is also removable to enable you to increase access as necessary. These flexible enclosure products provide the security options you need to control panel access throughout your network.

Signature Series Wall Mount Fiber Distribution Panels

The Multilink Signature Series features a full line of wall mount fiber optic enclosures for our CT-X cassettes. Our industry-leading CT-X cassettes allow for quick installation through a plug and play process. Each cassette houses up to 12 adapters for patching capabilities. Meanwhile, the splice chip holder on the inside of the cassette can accommodate up to 12 fusion splices. You can also integrate splitters into your CT-X cassette for even more versatility. A Signature Series enclosure allows you to integrate FTM modules as well if you choose.

NEMA 4 Wall Mount Fiber Enclosures

When you need to house your network distribution outdoors, our NEMA 4 enclosures offer the necessary defense. As NEMA 4-compliant products, they protect components in environments that require high security, durability and weather resistance. Each enclosure has an aluminum construction with polyester powder coating or impact-resistant plastic construction for added corrosion resistance. This series of enclosures also includes lockable and removable doors to give you control over your network access.

Splice Tray Management and Storage Systems

Our wall mount solutions for splice tray management and storage have a 16-gauge powder-coated steel construction to meet NEMA 1 specifications. This series features splice-only units and options with two-panel termination and splice units. Some models also have a removable bottom plate to simplify cable and grommet installation.

Plastic Fiber Distribution Units

We also sell plastic wall mount fiber enclosures for indoor and outdoor use. Our plastic enclosures for indoor or outdoor applications feature UV-stabilized plastic materials for added weather resistance. Select plastic distribution panels work with the Multilink FlexGrid™ mounting system to fit any manufacturer's splitting footprint.

Custom Solutions Available

At Multilink, we offer tailored solutions in the form of custom products and bundles. If you need a different product from the options available in our catalog, we welcome you to contact us about custom manufacturing. Our engineers and manufacturers will work with you to develop a solution for your company's goals. We also provide bundling options to give you the products you need to build your network.

Request a Quote Online

With our simple process for requesting a quote, you can get a price estimate using a familiar online shopping interface. Add the items you need to your cart, provide some information and check out. Our team will contact you with our proposed cost and discuss your network goals with you.