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Fiber Optic Assembly

Node Assembly

Multilink offers Node Assemblies for 6 and 8 fiber SC/APC OSP, 6 fiber SC/APC OSP Armored as well as 12 fiber LC-UPC OSP Armored.


How do you stand out from other Fiber Optic Assembly suppliers? By configuring your jumpers online and simply sending a RFQ. Our team is standing by to offer fast accurate quotes and initiate our quick ship program. Multilink’s Surelight Connectivity Solutions incorporate Telcordia compliant components and meet or ...


How do you stand out from other Fiber Optic Assembly suppliers? By streamlining the ordering process, configuring your pigtails online and simply sending a quote request. Our team is standing by to offer fast, accurate quotes and initiate our quick ship program. Multilink’s Surelight Connectivity Solutions ...

Surelight® H IP

The Multilink® Surelight® H IP is a flat drop fiber solution with factory terminated OptiTap™ compatible connector. The factory sealed hardened connector is designed to be environmentally protected while maintaining superior durability and reliability for use in the connection to the subscriber. The Surelight® H ...

Surelight® Drop Cable

Multilink’s Indoor/Outdoor Cable Assembly with Surelight SC outdoor connector, SC/APC indoor connector, Single Fiber, Gel-Free, with toneable option. This cable is designed for rugged outdoor environments and is bend tolerant with Bend -insensitive Single Mode (OS2) fiber. Full 2.9mm riser rated (OFNR) fiber cable ...


The Multilink OptiDrop™ is a Flat Drop fiber solution with factor terminated preconnectorized SC/APC connectors with a metal retainer clamp for securing in the Optima™ Fiber Closure. The OptiDrop™ is designed to reduce the cost and time of drop fiber deployment in the network. The drop is available in multiple ...

Fiber Optic Assembly

The use of fiber optics has dramatically increased the speed and bandwidth telecommunications companies can provide for subscribers. However, to make the most of this technology and remain competitive, providers need to choose fiber optic cable assemblies with the most efficient configurations possible to improve networks and increase deployment speeds.

Multilink’s in-house fiber shop allows us to configure a wide array of fiber optic assemblies with minimal lead times. Options include jumpers, pigtails and drop cables with standard connectors and adapters (SC, LC, ST, IP) and a host of other choices for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our online interactive fiber assembly configurator offers a hands-on approach to help you design your ideal assembly.

Included with every assembly is an insertion loss test result so you know how your assembly will perform. Whether you’re using them for indoor or outdoor applications, all our assemblies are built using bend-insensitive fiber, end-face geometry testing and strict ISO 9000 quality management standards.

A Range of Fiber Optic Assembly Choices

Building a fiber optic network requires many different kinds of cable assemblies. Depending on the situation, technicians may need access to multi-channel fiber optic cable assemblies, Singlemode pigtails or other specific connectors for use in various environments. Multilink offers a wide range of indoor and outdoor cable assemblies, so you can find an option that's right for any task.

The main types of connector assemblies that we offer are:

  • Fiber optic jumpers: Ideal for indoor vertical and general building applications, our fiber jumper connectors come in multiple cable lengths and accommodate both Singlemode and Multimode fibers. We provide jumpers with SC, LC and other connector types, so you can find a jumper connector suited for the job.
  • Fiber optic pigtailsMultilink's fiber optic pigtail assemblies primarily feature either six or 12 fibers depending on your preference. Like our jumper assemblies, these pigtails can feature the connector type of your choice. We can also provide custom pigtails that rage from 6-288 fibers.
  • Fiber optic drop cablesWe offer three options for fiber optic drop cables: Surelight® H IP, OptiDrop™ and Surelight® Drop Cable, which is designed for harsh outdoor environments. Each of these factory-terminated flat drop cables features reliability and supports fast deployment in the field.


All of our fiber optic assemblies provide excellent performance as a result of our manufacturing process, which uses bend-insensitive fiber, endface geometry testing and a strict quality system based on ISO 9000 standards to ensure every product works as intended.

Custom Solutions to Fiber Assembly Problems

We aim to provide standard solutions to many fiber optic assembly challenges. However, we also understand that some telecommunications companies have unique requirements for the products they use. To best serve these customers, Multilink offers custom design services.

If you're looking for a specific type of fiber optic connector assembly and don't see it in our collection, our team of expert engineers can work with you to modify or custom-make a product to your specifications. We'll carefully follow your custom product through design, manufacturing and lab testing to ensure it meets your expectations.

If you're in the market for a fiber optic jumper, our interactive online configurator will allow you to build your own, so you can see how the assembly will look and function before you even request a quote. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide on how to use the configurator.

Get Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies From Multilink

With more than 35 years of experience, Multilink is a leader in the telecommunications industry. We provide a variety of fiber optic jumpers, pigtails, multi-channel assemblies and drop cable assemblies to assist providers as they build and expand their networks. Contact us today for a free quote and see how our fiber optic assemblies could benefit your company.