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Outdoor Fiber Drop Cable

Multilink's fiber drop cable makes network installation effortless between distribution hubs and residences or businesses. Our fiber optic drop wire assembly streamlines the installation and maintenance of FTTX applications when used with our Fiber Tap closures. This bend-insensitive fiber cable is compatible with products from other network communication manufacturers, so you have the supplies to meet higher bandwidth demands.

The standard variety of our single-mode drop cable is factory-terminated at both ends. Depending on your transmission needs, you can request a standard simplex or duplex connector for each end or choose no connector for the outdoor component.

Our Available Types of Outdoor Fiber Optic Drop Cables

The drop cable design is available in different profiles and configurations so that you can select the most effective solution for your configuration and budget. We offer:

  • Toneable drop cable: If you plan to bury the drop cable, a copper toneable conductor adds convenience when detecting the assembly underground for inspections or reconfigurations. 
  • Non-toneable drop cable: Our non-toneable option helps streamline installation since you won't need to bond or ground the wire. It works best where the cable is visible, such as in aerial installations or open trenches.
  • Flat top drop cable: Flat-type cables save space, include high-strength dielectric members for additional crush resistance and do not require bonding or grounding the cable.
  • Round-top drop cable: Our round profile cable fits a wide range of standard anchor clamps. 


Benefits of Fiber Optic Drop Wire

Surelight® drop cable provides a cost-effective, versatile solution for applications like direct bury, self-supporting aerial or conduit installations. It also adds these benefits:

  • Rugged and weatherproof protection: Our assembly can support years of outdoor service without interruption.
  • Superior connectivity: With our patent-pending SureGrip interlocking mechanism, the assembly stabilizes the connection and outperforms the competition.
  • Gel-free assembly: The dry tube construction leaves no mess for technicians to clean up during splicing or fiber inspection.
  • Quality approval: The assembly meets the Telcordia GR-326 standard for single-mode fiber optic connectors.


Why Partner With Multilink?

Multilink has supplied, innovated and integrated network communications since our establishment in 1983. Our team performs extensive testing for our cable assemblies and can provide performance records at your request. An ISO 9000 quality control program governs our manufacturing process.

We offer these competitive advantages to your business:

  • Custom capabilities: We can develop custom assemblies for your network's unique design. You can contact us to tailor our products for you with the help of our engineers and manufacturers.
  • Universal design: We design our products for lasting quality and compatibility with other telecommunication infrastructure brands. Our custom manufacturing helps you plan your entire network for success.
  • Product bundling advice: Within our catalog of mounts, enclosures and other cables are options manufactured to work closely together. You can rely on Multilink as your single supplier for all of your network infrastructure.


Receive a Custom Quote on Fiber Drop Cable Today

You can get a quick, competitive quote with Multilink. Use our website tool to select the cable type, connectors, assembly length and quantity you need, then tell us a bit about your network goals before you submit. We'll be in touch shortly with a price estimate and to discuss your specifications.