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What Is a Fiber Access Terminal?

A fiber access terminal (FAT) is a compact fiber management box that mechanically protects fiber management systems with splicing, patching and integrating passive optic components. The box is the termination point where the feeder cable connects with the drop cable in an FTTX network system. The FAT assists with integrating strength member tie positions and bend radius protection.

Fiber Tap™ can to distribute, split, connectorize and splice fiber all from a single point. Once you've installed the Fiber Tap™ system, the re-enterable and fully-sealed housings make future field installations and maintenance easier.

Benefits of an Outdoor Fiber Access Terminal

Multilink’s Fiber Tap™ system creates an ideal fiber to the home (FTTH) solution for any network. FATs protect splices and facilitate maintenance for FTTH. In addition to FAT in FTTH, you can use fiber optic splice closures for several outdoor and indoor applications. These units are simple to service and connect in the field, shortening the installation process while reducing costs.

Our Fiber Taps facilitate passive splitting and the use of multi-count OSP connectors, so you can take connectorization a step further and use OTP as a plug-and-play solution. This solution elevates splicing costs for fiber distribution.

Connectorization can be furnished on most cable styles and accommodate various mount types, while mid-span cable/splicing access allows you to use larger and longer cables. Installing fiber optic splice closures for your fibers can increase fiber drop deployment.

Other advantages of a fiber access terminal include:

  • Easy installation and testing.
  • Quick access to the fibers to facilitate speedy maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Reliability and performance in all conditions and applications.
  • Small, hardened connectors for high density.
  • Protection from environmental conditions.
  • Durable protection for fiber optic networks.
  • Small footprints to fit in all configurations.


Fiber Optic Splice Closures by Multilink

Multilink has several fiber access terminal options to accommodate different networks. All options are manufactured with precision and facilitate easy connections. Our outdoor fiber access terminal products include:

  • Fiber Tap Plus™: Fiber Tap Plus™ is a subscriber terminal for FTTX applications. This series is available with two, four, six, eight and 12 port terminals for flexibility and reliability. These compact units use standard industry hardened connectors to meet your specific network requirements.
  • Fiber Tap Plus™ Cross Connect: Fiber Tap Plus™ Cross Connect is a cost-effective splicing solution for FTTX networks, offering fast and simple fiber deployments. This splice enclosure is available with 6-12 bulkhead capacities. It helps the FTTX system run smoothly through integration with other Fiber Tap™ equipment.
  • Fiber Tap™: Fiber Tap™ is our FTTH system for most construction and cable styles. Technicians can splice, connect, split and spread a signal from one point. This single source makes future network maintenance and upgrades easy.


Why Work With Multilink?

Multilink is a telecommunications equipment leader with more than 35 years of experience in the industry. Our solutions improve the ways people communicate and have led us to partner with broadband operators worldwide.

If you're a network provider looking to design or expand your network infrastructure, you need our outdoor fiber access terminals and other products. We've tested all of our products for quality assurance in a laboratory setting to prove their performance capabilities.

Our engineering team can modify existing fiber access terminals or create custom-made products that will meet your project needs. We can also bundle products so you can get everything you need in one.

Request a Quote for a FAT in FTTH Today

Our Fiber Tap™ system has revolutionized FTTX implementations by simplifying the maintenance, installation and design processes of network systems. Telecommunications companies use our outdoor fiber access terminals to protect their valuable fiber optic networks. We have the right fiber access terminal you need in our inventory.

Contact us online today to learn more. Get a quick quote by filling out the form on the product pages.