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Fiber Optic Closures


The Optima™ optical cross connect terminal offers the fastest hook up and disconnect of any drop cable field connection. The Optima™ utilized computer aided engineering for optimal use in the Outside Plant and FTTX networks. It utilizes a specially designed precision cost effective drop system with standard ...

Fiber Tap® Series

Multilink’s forward thinking Fiber Tap® system has revolutionized the Fiber to the Home (FTTH) implementation process. This system simplifies design, installation, and maintenance of plant for your cutting edge FTTH system. The Fiber Tap® system utilizes the ability to connectorize, splice, split, and distribute ...

Starfighter Dome Closure

Starfighter Fiber Optic Dome Splice Closures are an “all parts” inclusive hermetically sealed splice enclosures designed for ease of assembly and re-entry. The closures are designed with a gasketed split end plate for mid-access cable applications and includes an integrated slack storage basket, interlocking ...

Starfighter Inline

The Starfighter Series are high capacity splice closures designed for major splice points in the network. The closures support both Inline and Butt configurations and are expandable utilizing an optional cable expansion kit. The closures utilize gasketed sealing along with a patented cable seal which allows for ...

Optical Terminal Enclosure

The OTE (Optical Terminal Enclosure) is designed to support the splicing of optical drops and traditional splicing in aerial, pole, or wall mount applications. The unit is an inline enclosure with four ports on each end. The OTE is constructed of a durable and impact resistant polyethylene material specifically ...

Fiberglass Enclosures

A basic fiberglass enclosure that seals up for a NEMA4 rating. This enclosure is made to house multiple back plates inside for a wide variety of storage purposes.

Fiber Optic Closures

Securing fiber optic splices makes up an important step of fiber optic deployment in the field. Whether connecting to aerial or underground cables, telecommunications companies rely on fiber optic closures to protect and facilitate splices in Fiber to the Home (FFTH) and other indoor and outdoor applications.

Because every fiber optic network needs terminal enclosures, streamlining their installation can increase the speed of fiber drop deployment. One of the best ways to shorten the installation process and lower costs involves choosing fiber optic splice closures that are easy to connect and service in the field.

At Multilink, we provide a number of easy-to-deploy fiber optic joint closure systems. With plenty of sizes and types to choose from, you can find the fiber tap that's right for your network. Learn what makes Multilink's closures popular with a diverse array of telecommunications companies and their technicians below.

Multilink’s Starfighter line of closures offer in-line splice closures as well as dome closures. The Starfighter line is capable of accommodating 12-288 count single fiber splices or a mass ribbon count of 1,152. It can be configured with a multi-grommet sealing system that allows for fast solutions with multi sized cable diameters. The Starfighter family can reach 110% of all your FTTX Solutions.

Fiber Optic Closures to Meet a Variety of Needs

Different networks have different needs when it comes to fiber optic joint closures. At Multilink, we have a variety of closures to meet these needs, including inline types and drop terminals. In our selection, you can find the following termination enclosures for use with different cable sizes and numbers of drops:

Optima™: The Optima is our fiber optic closure that's the fastest to install. It's optimized for easy, cost-effective deployment in outside plant and Fiber to the X (FTTX) applications. It features a re-enterable housing for easy maintenance and a versatile mounting system.

Fiber Tap®: This FTTH system accommodates most cable and construction styles and allows you to connect, split, splice and distribute signal from a single point, making it ideal for network upgrades.

Starfighter Dome Closure: This dome splice closure features factory-installed hardware and a no-tool sealing system to make setup as simple as possible. Though dome fiber optic closures are primarily for splicing this model is suitable for mid span applications as well.

Starfighter Inline: For major splice points in your company's network, consider a Starfighter Inline. These splice closures support a large number of splices and allow room to grow with an optional expansion kit.

Optical Terminal Enclosure: This aerial, pole or wall-mounted enclosure holds and protects optical fiber drop and splices. It can function well indoors or outdoors, though its damage-resistant polyethylene construction was designed with outdoor plant use in mind.

Basic fiberglass enclosures: For a simple solution to fiber optic splice closure, we also offer basic fiberglass enclosures. These boxes can safely house fiber optic distribution points indoors or outdoors.


Though we offer many types of fiber optic joint closures, they all feature high-quality construction and easy connection. Most also meet Telcordia® GR-771 requirements for aerial weather tight closures.

Get Fiber Optic Closures From Multilink

With more than 35 years of experience, Multilink is a leader in the telecommunications industry. We make innovative products and help our customers succeed by providing high-quality equipment that's laboratory tested and proven to perform.

Telecommunications companies often have unique requirements for their equipment. If you have a specific fiber optic closure design in mind, our team of engineers can modify or custom-make a system that aligns with your vision.

Browse our selection of fiber optic closures online and contact us for a free quote today.

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