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Starfighter 4000-D Dome Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Universal features of the Starfighter series of fiber optic dome closures include:

  • Fully sealed with compression seal technology for splice protection and ease of assembly
  • CATV industry and GR-771 compliant
  • Simple installation that requires no specialized tools
  • Suitable for above and below grade applications
  • Mid-access design that enables you to install the enclosure over existing cables with minimal intrusion
  • Multicentric grommets to accommodate many cable sizes


This large-capacity enclosure can support six or more cable entries. You can add up to six branch or lateral cables to one of our compression seal entry ports that uses multi-port grommets. The 4000-D features new hinged splice trays and a unibody storage basket for slack. These added features increase storage capacity and improve access to fiber and fiber bundles.

  • Holds up to eight 4048-SSTP or 4072-SSTP splice trays
  • Houses up to 288 single splices, 576 double-stacked splices or 1152 mass-fused fibers


Starfighter 4024-D Dome Fiber Closure

When you need to house a lower amount of splices than average, the 4024-D enables you to save money and space on your enclosure. Its hermetically sealed design allows for simple assembly and re-entry. You can use this small-capacity enclosure in aerial, pedestal and underground applications.

  • Accommodates up to four 1120-SSTP or four 1124-SSTP splice trays
  • Holds up to 48 single fusion splices or 192 mass-fused fibers (1120-SSTP, 1124-SSTP), or 96 double-stacked splices (1124-SSTP)


Starfighter 4048-D Fiber Optic Dome Closure

We engineered the Starfighter 4048-D for an average amount of splices to provide you with a well-rounded enclosure. Like other products in the Starfighter series, it features gasketed split end plates for mid-access cable applications.

  • Houses four 4048-SSTP splice trays
  • Accommodates 96 single splices, 192 mass-fused fibers or 192 double-stacked splices


Starfighter Dome Enclosure Accessories

Using the appropriate accessories, you can adapt your Starfighter enclosure to a wide range of applications. The Starfighter series also includes enclosure accessories such as:

  • Enclosure mounting kits
  • Cable addition kits
  • Grommet inserts for NPT fittings
  • Interconnect modules
  • Wall/pole mount kits


Benefits of Partnering With Multilink

When you work with Multilink for your network infrastructure products, your business will experience these advantages:

  • Custom capabilities: We can perform custom manufacturing for many of our product types. If you can't find the exact specifications you need in our catalog, we welcome you to contact us for more options. Our engineers and manufacturers will help you develop a solution that meets your network goals.
  • Product bundling and advice: Many of our products supplement each other during network installation. Since we offer comprehensive network solutions, we provide bundling options that save you time and money by delivering the products you need from one source. Our customer service team can also help you develop a network infrastructure based on our inventory.
  • Universal designs: Many of our products have universal features that enable you to use them with a variety of manufacturers' network supplies. You can combine these options with our custom capabilities for full control over your network design.


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