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Features and Benefits of Our ITS and Traffic Fiber Solutions

Keep your connections secure with our selection of wall-mounted optical termination boxes. 

Fiber Rack Mount: FRM-E-1RU

The FRM-E-1RU is the ideal solution designed with a split top and a slide out master panel for easy access. This model will hold up to 3 termination panels and with space for up to 3 splice trays, the FRM-E-1RU will allow a splice count of up to 36. It's compatible with CT-X cassettes and FTM modules, plus numerous adapters, fiber counts, and pigtail styles and lengths for versatility.

Fiber Wall Mount: FWM-1X-BK

Our FWM-1X-BK configuration is also suitable for application-specific use in a smaller space. This model can serve as home to up to 1 panel and 12 terminations. Other Multilink Wall Mounts can serve up to 12 panels and 288 terminations. It works with several adapters and pigtails for flexibility and comes in two colors for aesthetic appeal. The coordinating DIN rail mounting kit offers numerous mounting configurations to integrate seamlessly into existing footprints.

Slim Tap

The Multilink team engineered the Slim Tap as the housing solution for minimal connections and limited mounting space. It features a compact design that's perfect for closets and cabinets. Rear access makes testing, maintaining and reseating connections easy when necessary. It's compatible with outside-plant and flat-drop cables, plus multiple adapters, fiber counts and fiber types for adaptability.

Why Choose Multilink?

Multilink has been a trusted partner for ITS and traffic fiber solutions since 1983. We've grown to help companies worldwide with innovative telecommunications and optical networking equipment that keeps people safer and empowers better planning and decision-making.

We have an in-house team with extensive product and application knowledge to help you identify the best solution for your application. We'll work with you to make it happen if it still needs to be created. Our engineers boast decades of collective experience developing customized designs. We can also create product bundles tailored to your unique demands, enabling time and money savings for your organization.

Multilink helps drive value with a host of supporting services. We offer technical expertise for infrastructure installation and construction guidance. Our highly skilled teams also provide repair and preventive maintenance services. We back these services with access to an extensive parts inventory, meaning faster service to protect your network.

Get Optical Networking Solutions From Multilink

We are a global leader in optical networking equipment with a track record of excellence in design and production. Our team focuses on durable, high-quality solutions. Each one we develop meets rigid performance standards and comes from our ISO 9001-certified facility.

Experience our commitment to exceptional service by reaching out online or calling 440.366.6966 to speak with an expert.