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Power Solutions

Standby Power Supplies

Multilink's Standby power supplies provide filtered and regulated AC output power of proper voltage and current values to operate amplifiers, nodes and other active devices in CATV and broadband networks. These power supplies act as backups for main power supplies when they lose AC power.

Non-Standby Power Supply

Multilink's Non-Standby power supplies provide filtered and regulated AC output power of proper voltage and current values to operate amplifiers, nodes and other active devices in CATV and broadband networks. These power supplies incorporate a constant voltage transformer (CVT) as a simple and reliable means of ...

Remote Power Manager

CATV Inverter

The Multilink CATV Inverter has been designed to provide field technicians a useful tool during construction jobs, node optimization, and during emergency situations where the need for power is immediate. Its compact size is driven by a single 12 volt battery, the CATV Inverter can provide up to 300VA of AC output ...

Sky Power

The Sky Power-1 power supply is a small boost transformer providing 120VAC power to small cell, gateway, and CCTV applications. Located within the CATV power supply cabinet, the transformer is powered seamlessly from the 90VAC UPS output of the EB1s or other compatible power supplies. The EB1s or compatible cable UPS ...

Power Accessories

Our Power Accessories for our Power Supply products range from Battery Balancer Kits to Tamper Switch Kits.

Power Solutions

Companies in the telecommunications industry rely on high-performance power solutions to provide network connectivity, during both normal operation and emergencies. As a result, you need power supply products you can count on to fit within your networks and improve your service offerings.

At Multilink, we create products that push the telecommunications industry forward. With innovative features and the latest technology, our power supplies and other devices can meet a diverse array of needs. Learn more about the power solutions we offer below.

Power Supplies, Inverters and More

Multilink offers a variety of standby and non-standby power solutions you can use to make field technicians' jobs easier and provide customers with uninterrupted service.

In our selection, you'll find the following power supply cabinets, devices and other solutions:

  • Standby power supplies: These rugged battery backup systems serve as uninterruptible power supplies in the case of an outage. In our collection, you can find CATV standby power supplies with passive cooling systems, plug-and-play capability and other convenient features.
  • Non-standby power supplies: To provide the CATV devices in your network with a reliable stream of power, consider our non-standby power supplies. These power supplies filter and regulates power for a steady AC output, despite fluctuating line voltage and power demands.
  • CATV inverters: Multilink's CATV inverters convert DC to AC, so you can power your network during construction, testing and emergencies. It features a compact frame, 12-volt battery, short-circuits protection and built-in cooling fan for convenience and optimal performance.
  • Sky Power: This small boost transformer provides an uninterruptible source of 120 VAC power for CCTV and other applications. It draws its power from existing infrastructure and fits perfectly within a CATV power cabinet.
  • Remote power managers: If you need to control power to your active devices remotely, our remote power managers can help. These Smart Trackers have outlets for up to eight devices. They're fully programmable and Ethernet connections to help you track and control power inputs and outputs in segments of your network.


Like most of our products, these power supply cabinets and devices feature universal designs, making them easy to incorporate, whether you're building your network from the ground up or upgrading existing infrastructure.

A Range of Useful Power Accessories

In addition to cabinet power supplies, we also offer a number of accessories to help you find solutions that meet your exact needs. Our accessories include battery balancers and cabling kits, tamper switch kits, dual source switches, enclosure indicators and more.

If you find multiple products you'd like to incorporate into your network, we may be able to bundle them for you, so you can get the power solutions you need from one source.

Get Power Supply Solutions Through Multilink

Multilink has been an innovator and leader in the telecommunications industry for over 35 years. We can supply you with the products you need to build, improve and update your networks. You can browse our selection of power supplies from this page or have our in-house engineering team develop a custom product to meet your exact specifications.

To learn how one of our products could enhance your network's capabilities, reach out to us for a free quote today.

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