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What Is a Power Distribution Unit?

A power distribution unit is a device that controls and distributes electric power through standard electrical outlets that don't have monitoring or remote access capabilities. Essentially, a PDU is a large power strip without surge protection.

One type of PDU is a rack mount power strip, which mounts onto the equipment rack to monitor and control the power supply and balance power loads between data center devices like servers and switches. This unit conserves physical rack space while managing large amounts of electricity.

Benefits and Applications for a Rack Mount Power Strip

Network providers use an eight-outlet PDU for power control and distribution in data centers. Data centers have a lot of mission-critical equipment that needs electricity at all times, including computers, servers and switches. The PDU safely connects all these devices to a power source and manages the power flow.

The advantages of a remote power manager include:

  • Monitoring power consumption data: Know where your energy is going through monitoring power consumption. This data will identify which device has the highest energy consumption, so you can make decisions accordingly.
  • Control over your power: Control your PDU down to the individual outlet from any location. Technicians can switch the PDU on and off, restart after a power outage or technical issue and maximize runtime.
  • Cost savings on network components: Daisy chain your network connectivity to use a single port and IP address for multiple remote power managers.
  • Real-time data about remote equipment: Use the web interface to see updated information about your PDU and gain remote access.


Our PDU Remote Power Management Solutions

Our remote power manager, called Smart Tracker, is a programmable outlet strip. Its features include:

  • Connectivity to an embedded webpage, so you can see critical information about each unit and remotely control the power for all outlets. This feature also provides environmental data for temperature and voltage.
  • Remote access to reset and schedule devices.
  • GPS tracking to identify the location of the Smart Tracker.
  • An event log for all the outlets, outputs and digital inputs.


We offer two Smart Tracker models — our 018-041-11 and 018-041-10 models. Both have eight individually controlled outlets and can store thousands of events, schedule events and actions and detect environmental conditions.

Why Choose Multilink?

Multilink is a company that designs, develops and manufacturers products for the telecommunications industry. Our PDU remote power management and other products give network providers solutions for designing and expanding their network infrastructure. Since 1983, we've improved communication technology for every industry from our facility in northeast Ohio.

In addition to our standard products, Multilink can create custom solutions and products for your applications. We can bundle solutions so you get everything you need easily. Our engineers will work with you to create a design that is cost-effective and meets your application requirements.

Request a Quote for Your Remote Power Manager Today

Multilink has PDU remote power management solutions for data centers, telecommunications and more. Get a quote for an eight-outlet PDU by filling out the quick quote form on the product pages. For more information, contact Multilink online today.