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Standard Sno-Shoe

Designed to be extremely craft friendly, the 7, 10, 16 and 21-inch Sno-Shoes® are capable of handling the higher fiber count cables and longer wavelengths currently being deployed in the broadband industry. Sno-shoes® are used to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use while acting as a ...

Adjustable Sno-Shoe

Adjustable Sno-Shoe™ models offer more flexibility in how you store slack. Three options - closed, extended or fully open positions - allow you to store however much slack is needed for the situation. They allow much more to be stored than the nonadjustable model. In terms of cable fittings, our 10” shoe can hold ...

Sno-Shoe Accessories

Our Sno-Shoe Accessories contain slack storage boxes, Sno-Shoe extension & stacking kits and mounting brackets.