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What Are Adjustable Sno-Shoes?

Sno-Shoes are a storage method for unused fiber optic cables, named for the snowshoe shape of the unit. This method is common in the industry because Sno-Shoes are durable and reliable. They keep fibers secure to ensure you can use the extra fiber length in the future. With the proper installation technique, Sno-Shoes also maintain the minimum bend radius for your cables.

Adjustable Sno-Shoes offer three options — fully open, extended or closed positions — that allow you to store as much slack as necessary for your application. You can use adjustable Sno-Shoes to meet any fiber optic storage need. When you access your excess cable, it will be ready for use in the network infrastructure. You can use adjustable Sno-Shoes for many environments and applications due to the Sno-Shoe's durability.

Benefits and Applications of a Plastic Adjustable Sno-Shoe

Cable management and excess fiber optic cable storage are common problems in the telecommunications industry. Fiber circuits need reconfiguration every three to five years, and during this time, cables need protection to prevent damage. Storage is when the fibers are most vulnerable to damage.

Adjustable Sno-Shoes are one of the best storage solutions on the market for fiber optic cables. Sno-Shoes have a flexible storage capacity with closed, extended and fully open positions, and they offer easy access to individual fibers and bend radius protection.

Plastic adjustable Sno-Shoes can be used in any application that uses fiber optic cables, such as data centers and telecommunications.

Adjustable Fiber Optic Strand Storage From Multilink

Multilink's adjustable fiber optic storage options maintain the fiber's bend radius while enabling correct handling and installation. Our adjustable Sno-Shoes are made from plastic, which is non-conductive, lightweight and durable. The smooth edges will keep the cable intact and the material can resist harsh weather conditions such as freezing temperatures. Our plastic adjustable Sno-Shoe can mount to a pad mount, pole or wall. These units keep your slack cable in excellent condition for years.

Our plastic adjustable Sno-Shoe options include a 10-inch, 16-inch and 24-inch unit. In terms of cable fittings, here is what each size can hold:

  • Our 10-inch shoe holds up to 60 cable fibers and 72 all-dielectric fibers.
  • Our 16-inch shoe holds up to 216 cable fibers and 240 all-dielectric fibers.
  • Our 24-inch shoe holds all currently available fiber counts and cable configurations.


Why Work With Multilink?

Since 1983, Multilink has designed, developed and manufactured communication products for the telecommunication and department of transportation (DOT) industries. Our adjustable Sno-Shoes and other products improve the way people communicate, which is why we've partnered with many broadband operators.

We are a communications supplier for networking solutions. Our products for network providers assist with the design and expansion of network infrastructure. Since our products are universal, our engineers can customize them to fit your particular application's requirements. Multilink can also bundle products to give you everything you need for your infrastructure. We're located in northeast Ohio and serve telecommunications customers worldwide.

Request a Quote for Adjustable Sno-Shoes Today

Adjustable Sno-Shoes are a reliable cable storage option for telecommunications. At Multilink, we make our adjustable fiber optic strand storage solutions with integrity in mind to ensure your cables last. Check out our products and fill out the quick quote form on the page or contact us online for more information.