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Slack Storage


The Multilink Plastic Sno-Shoe® has been designed with two purposes in mind. The first is to store additional lengths of fiber along the strand for later use. The second is to act as a safeguard, protecting the minimum bend radius of the fiber optic cable while establishing proper installation practices. The ...

Slack Storage

As fiber optics become increasingly common across the telecommunications industry, more companies are looking for slack storage solutions. Proper storage helps protect unused fiber optic cable from damage so it can function in a network when needed. Slack storage devices for every application and environment. Everything from strand mount devices to wall, pole and pad mount devices are available.

Professionals working with fiber optics in the field require safe and efficient ways to store slack cable. At Multilink, we provide fiber slack storage solutions for telecom companies and technicians. Learn what makes our Sno-Shoe slack storage spools a top choice for fiber management below.

A Safe Way to Store Slack

To protect cables from damage, technicians need aerial slack storage specifically designed to hold fiber optics. Multilink's Sno-Shoe spools protect fiber optic slack from damage by maintaining the fiber's minimum bend radius and facilitating proper handling and installation practices. By designing our aerial slack storage with fiber optics in mind, we're able to provide more reliable storage compared to typical solutions.

Our fiber slack storage spools also feature durable materials safe for use with fiber optics. For a non-conductive alternative to metal, we use a lightweight yet tough plastic proven to resist harsh weather conditions, including freezing. The plastic frame of the Sno-Shoe is smooth, which means its edges can't cut through slack cable.

When used and stored properly, our fiber optic storage spools organize fibers efficiently and protect them from damage for years.

Adjustable and Non-Adjustable Solutions

Whether you need to store a small amount of fiber slack for day-to-day operations or a large amount for future use, you can find a fiber optic slack management spool in our collection that's right for the job. We offer Sno-Shoe slack spools in a number of adjustable and non-adjustable sizes.

Our standard, non-adjustable spools come in four sizes ranging from seven inches to 21 inches and can accommodate cables with high fiber counts and various cable diameters, ideal for storage and transport.

If you need a flexible fiber slack storage solution, our adjustable models provide another option. These adjustable spools have three positions — closed, extended and open — which allow you to adjust your storage to the situation. Our adjustable Sno-Shoes hold large amounts of fiber slack. Our largest spool, which measures 24 inches, holds cables of all available fiber counts and configurations.

Fiber Storage Accessories for Efficient Management

To further increase fiber slack storage efficiency, you can also choose a number of accessories for your strands. These accessories can help you store multiple spools efficiently or allow you to store more fiber optic cable on a single spool.

Our collection of accessories includes fiber optic aerial slack storage, boxes, mounting brackets, stacking kits and extension kits.

Manage Fiber Slack Better With Multilink

Fiber optic slack storage and management forms an essential but often overlooked part of network maintenance. Telecommunications companies need efficient and safe fiber slack storage tools to protect valuable fiber optics from damage.

At Multilink, we make innovative products that solve problems and push the telecommunications industry forward. Browse our selection of slack storage products and contact us for a free quote today.

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