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service installation

Construction &

Looking for assistance in
the installation of your
power cabinet and power
products? Click here
for more information.




Protecting your equipment
with the proper maintenance
will save time and money
in the long run. Click here
for more information.



UPS Equipment 
Repair & Service

Our team of experienced
technicians are available to
assist you in necessary
repairs. Click here for
more information. 


service installation


Do you know the part you
need? Click here for a list of
parts and stock IDs to
request or to contact us
for assistance.





Multilink addresses the needs of our customers, not only in product design and development but also in the service of these products. Whether it is repairs of power equipment or network design, we can walk you through the necessary steps to achieve the best solutions. 

With Multilink's Power Maintenance Program, we safeguard your network equipment, improving reliability and longevity. With the option of tech support, installation assistance, preventative maintenance, and repair we will support your team.


Our services include:

  • Construction & Installation

  • Preventative Maintenance

  • UPS Equipment Repair, Service & Technical Support

  • Service Parts


To speak with a technician or request assistance, call

Phone: 440.366.6966 

E-mail: powersupport@gomultilink.com