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Fiber Distribution Hubs

Multilink’s Fiber Distribution Hubs are setting the standard for cross-connect configurations, configurable splitting, plug and play technologies and many other fiber architects. Our line of FDH cabinets can be ground mounted, pole mounted, and wall mounted. Customized cabinets are available and are designed in ...

Environmentally Controlled

An above ground housing to shelter environmentally sensitive equipment from rain, sleet, snow, dust, driving wind, hail, corrosion, and vandalism. Four slack storage brackets with heavy duty Velcro® straps are found in the cable entrance compartment to secure the cables entering into the cabinet. Two entry holes ...

Power Supply Cabinets

Outdoor UPS power sources and weather resistant enclosures providing reliable isolated regulated power for CATV/HFC applications. High efficiency backup power processing featuring synchronous rectification ensuring cool operating temperatures and longer battery runtime. CableLabs certified DOCSIS 2.0 and 3.0 status ...

Co-Locate Cabinets