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5000 Modular Cabinets

The 5000 Modular Series serves as an economical cabinet. With numerous options to choose from, you can build each cabinet to fit your needs. This modular series is manufactured with powder-coated aluminum and is available in gray or beige. Review your options below in our 3-step build. Dimensional and Cabinet Base ...

Fiber Distribution Hubs

Multilink’s Fiber Distribution Hubs are setting the standard for cross-connect configurations, configurable splitting, plug and play technologies and many other fiber architects. Our line of FDH cabinets can be ground mounted, pole mounted, and wall mounted. Customized cabinets are available and are designed in ...

OTE Cabinets

Multilink’s new 6000 series of cabinets have taken our highly successfully line of OTN cabinets and made them easier to order and much more versatile. These cabinets enter the market with the ability to choose your options based on your requirements and eliminates paying for options you don’t need. Each cabinet ...

Rack Rail Cabinets

Racks and rails provide some of the most efficient and protective network equipment storage solutions on the market. Multilink’s rack rail cabinets are insulated to work with air conditioning and heater units, so you can rest easy knowing any sensitive equipment that’s inside remains at an operable temperature ...