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Toneable and Non-Toneable Flat Drop Cables

Widely used in FTTH and FTTB applications, flat drop fiber cables are critical for delivering more bandwidth to telecommunications customers. Fiber optic drop cables link the distribution network to the subscriber. As demand for closer hubs increases, companies will need reliable cable for new deployments and operations.

Our Surelight® flat drop cable is a single-mode fiber with a rugged design for direct-buried, self-supporting aerial and duct installation. You can choose from several configurations to simplify installation or opt for field termination and reduce the need to store slack.

We also offer our flat fiber cable with copper toneable conductors for easier detection in buried installations. You can select our non-toneable variety to avoid time spent bonding and grounding the toning wire.

Features of Our Flat Drop Cable

Our flat fiber cable's design and manufacturing provide dependable, versatile performance for your network's foundation.

Elements of our flat fiber cable include:

  • Adherence to UL 1651 and Telcordia GR-20 standards.
  • Availablity in 1,000 ft. reels.
  • Two dielectric strength members for added crush resistance.
  • An outer cable jacket formed from high-density polyethylene.
  • A Low Smoke Zero Halogen inner cable jacket.


We take protecting your investment seriously and dedicate ourselves to rigorous testing that verifies our products' performance. Multilink supplies a flat drop cable that streamlines installation and serves your customers for years to come.

Benefits of Using Flat Fiber Optic Cable

Designing your network with a Surelight® flat drop cable gives you superior flexibility for FTTx applications. Their small and lightweight design is easy to handle, and our cables operate within a wide temperature range with excellent crush resistance. Our flat drop requires no transitioning or cable cutting between outdoor to indoor connectors, and so it is as easy to connect as it is to access for reconfiguration.

Surelight® flat fiber cable offers exceptional modularity, so you can easily use products from other manufacturers within your network environment.

Why Partner With Multilink?

For over 35 years, Multilink has helped network providers design and expand the infrastructure that their customers communicate with. We use a wide array of engineering capabilities and have a comprehensive ISO 9000 quality control program. We ensure we meet every customer's expectations by offering performance reports and having our engineers supervise throughout design, manufacturing and testing.

By working with Multilink to supply network infrastructure for your business, you can also take advantage of:

  • Custom capabilities: Every network is laid out differently. You can contact us when you have exact specifications for products in our catalog, and our engineers and manufacturers will help develop a unique solution.
  • Universal designs: Products like our flat drop cable are compatible with those from telecom network manufacturers. Using our custom manufacturing, you can have total control of your network's design.
  • Product bundling advice: Our product lineup of enclosures, modules and other cables supplement each other. We offer bundling options so that you can develop a network infrastructure from one supplier.


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