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Fiber Optic Cable


Multilink’s SpeedFlex Push Fiber is a strong but flexible fiber cable designed to be installed in rigid and flexible conduit, along with the ability to be stapled directly to the wall. With the ability to have 1 or 2 fibers inside, Multilink’s SpeedFlex Push Fiber is unique to the push/pull fiber industry. The ...

Fiber Optic Cable

Today, many telecommunications companies use fiber optics to bring faster speeds and greater bandwidth to subscribers. To remain competitive in this growing market, providers need fiber optic cable that's both reliable and quick to install.

Fiber optic drop cable makes up the foundation of any fiber network, so it's important to choose an option that has all the features you need. At Multilink, we provide high-quality fiber optic cable designed to meet a number of needs. Learn more about the fiber optic cable types we offer below.

Multilink’s Fiber Optic Cable and our manufacturing process meet all Telcordia and Six Sigma standards and use the major USA manufacturers fiber optic cable. SpeedFlex™ comes in multiple configurations and color, along with different fiber counts. Multilink’s Drop Cable can also be pre-connected. MicroFlex can also be configured with SpeedFlex™ or Drop Cable and pre-installed in Micro Duct.

Fiber Optic Cable Choices

When you shop with Multilink, you'll have the opportunity to choose fiber optic cable that meets your company's unique needs. We offer two main types of optic cable: flat drop cable and pushable fiber cable.

Our Surelight® Flat Drop Cable is a Singlemode fiber drop cable that is suitable for indoor or outdoor use. It features a tight buffer construction and high-density polyethylene outer jacket to provide good protection. You can choose toneable or non-toneable versions, and you can also select a factory terminated configuration or separate connectors to terminate in the field. This flat drop cable meets UL 1651 and Telcordia GR-20 standards and meets or exceeds the performance of comparable drop cables.

If you need a flexible optical cable designed to be pushed or pulled for installation, our SpeedFlex™ Push Fiber provides another option. This fiber optic cord is designed for easy installation inside a rigid flexible conduit. Though it pushes and pulls easily, it retains its strength thanks to a UV-stabilized PVC jacket. SpeedFlex comes in Singlemode or Multimode and fiber counts up to 12, a high capacity for the pushable fiber industry. Like our drop cables, this flexible cable meets Telcordia GR-20 Core standards.

You can get our flat drop cable in 1,000-foot reels and our pushable SpeedFlex fiber cables in 100-foot payout boxes or 1,000-foot contractor boxes, so you can get the length of fiber that makes the most sense for your fiber optic cable installation process.

Optical Cable Proven to Perform

When choosing fiber optic data cable for your networks, you need to find a product that's proven to perform consistently. You invest a lot in your optical cable, so that investment should pay off. For further fiber optic cable protection, view our range of fiber optic closures below:

At Multilink, we take quality and performance as seriously as you do. We test each of our products before putting them on the market to ensure they function as intended. We also take precautions in our manufacturing to ensure quality results. These precautions include using bend-insensitive fiber and following a strict quality system based on ISO 9000 standards. Our dedication to creating products that perform well in a lab and in the field sets us apart from other fiber optic cable manufacturers.

Get Fiber Optic Cable From Multilink

With 35 years of experience providing innovative solutions for the telecommunications industry, Multilink can supply your company with the quality fiber optic cable you need to build or expand your fiber networks. Contact us for a free quote today to learn more.